Super Cute Ways to Say Goodnight to Your Boo for Girls Who Are in Love ...


The “good night” moment should be intimate and special. Don’t just make a perfunctory good night and turn over to go to sleep. This is a time you can make a connection and strengthen your bond. Show your love in super cute and unexpected ways to say goodnight.

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With a Kiss

Of course, a kiss is the mother of all cute ways to say goodnight! The old saying of always ending the day with a kiss from your loved one is absolutely true and important in keeping your relationship loving and great. There is nothing cuter than having a little smooch with your SO before you both drift off to sleep, and it just might cause you to have a lovely romantic dream!


With a Story

It worked for us when we were kids, why shouldn’t it work nowadays? Your SO’s reading tastes might have changed, but the act of reading softly to somebody as they are getting ready for sleep is totally soothing and enjoyable. Grab the book that your partner is currently reading and get through a chapter for them under the comfort of your duvet. It is super cute and incredibly relaxing.


With a Joke

If your work days have been particularly stressful, a nice way to end the evening is to tell a joke. Whether it’s actually a funny tale or one of those terrible Christmas cracker type jokes, any kind of humor will be able to dissipate some of the tensions of the day. It is much nicer to go to bed with a smile on your face compared to a frown, and a little joke between the two of you will certainly achieve that.


With Some Music

A little bit of low volume mood music can do wonders for helping you both drift off to sleep. Having a bit of smooth, relaxed music to cuddle up to under the duvet is a really cute and relaxed way to say goodnight to one another. It can help to keep the romance alive and falling asleep in each other’s arms to the sound of a slow jam is so romantic!


With a Hug

In some ways, a hug can sometimes feel much more intimate and romantic than a kiss goodnight. There is nowhere to hide when it comes to a full bodied hug, and having that last bit of intimate contact before you go to sleep can help to relax you and put you in a much better mood for the morning ahead.


With a Text

If you or your SO are away on a business trip or a holiday with friends, make sure to remind them that you wish you were lying there next to them by sending a goodnight text as you or they are going to bed. It will let them know that you are still thinking of them and it will give them something to look back at if they wake up at 3am and are missing their little spoon!


With a Foreign Language

A cute little tradition that I have discovered some couples take up is saying goodnight to one another in a different language every night. It can be a fun little game that you play, trying to best one another with what language you can master. Why not throw in a bit of extra romance by learning how to say ‘I love you’ in that language too?

Good night needn’t be boring or samey if you introduce these into your bedtime routine. How do you say good night?

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In Japanese goodnight is "oyasumi nasai" and I love you is "suki daiyo" or "aishiteru"

When you tun out languages then it's time to use body language💣

How about a massage?

我爱你 I love you in Chinese

What happens when you run out of languages?

Aww, cute!

I love choices #2, #4, and #6. =) I would definitely do those. 💞

Bonne nuit (en Francais)👯

Then that when it time to go to bed lol

What is SO??

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