7 Hacks to Writing Love Letters All Romantics Should Try ...


7 Hacks to Writing Love Letters All Romantics Should Try  ...
7 Hacks to Writing Love Letters All Romantics Should Try  ...

The idea of sending a love letter is awesome. Being the recipient is even more awesome. It is so sweet and though it may seem old-fashioned in our electronic-obsessed world, it is still a genuine display of affection. So if you are going to send a love letter, you want to invest some time and make it special. Wants some tips? Read on!

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Think before You Write

Though it seems like in films and on TV, a person can create something miraculous by just sitting down and letting the pen fall on the page, one of the best tips for writing love letters is to carefully consider what you are going to say before you start. Getting too emotional can just cause the letter to become an incoherent and messy monologue. Your romantic message could be lost!


Address Them in a Special Way

Think of a unique and special way to address your loved one in the letter. Rather than sticking to their name or using the usual words like ‘darling’ or ‘sweetie,’ try to use personal nicknames that the two of you use as much as possible. This will help to make the love letter even more intimate between the two of you and will display your relationship more perfectly.


Be Concise

Though love letters give room for flowery language and extended declarations of your feelings, the fact is that nobody wants to read three full pages of handwritten A4 when you can say all you need to in one. The last thing you want is for your love letter to become boring to its reader, so keep it short and sweet and tell them how much you love them in less than a page! Rachel wrote Ross 27 pages, double sided! Don’t do it.


Be Original

Love letters are special because of the originality between each couple, so don’t even think about Googling ‘perfect love letters’ and simply copying and pasting a bunch of romantic phrases that are not at all relevant to you or your loved one. Be honest and let your feelings flow from the heart. You will be surprised at just how great your original work can be.


Be Complimentary

Love letters give a great chance to let your partner know just how great you think they are. You have the opportunity to tell them about all the things that make you love them without having to do it in a potentially awkward or embarrassing face-to-face kind of way. Rather than ‘you're gorgeous,’ try to come up with some more unusual and out of the box reasons that will make the letter much more personal.


Talk about How They Have Changed You

There is great satisfaction to be found in reading about how you personally have changed someone’s life. Include just how much your loved one means to you by letting them know that things wouldn’t be the same without them now. This makes the love letter not just a long list of what’s great about them, but also a more emotional message about how they have affected others in a positive way.


Be Witty

If you and your partner like to have a giggle, then let this funny side show through in the love letter. Not everybody likes to be all serious in their romance, so feel free to throw some humor into the mix to match up with the light side of your relationship!

Do you think you’ll use these tips to let the words flow and to impress your partner into loving you more?

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Am I the only one here who writes love letters to dead people?

My boyfriend of two years just asked me a week ago to write him a love letter...this is just the icing on the cake!! Thank you so much!

I write a least 1 love letter to my husband a month and he loves them.

I love to write love letters.

I don't write love letters but may start now thank you sweetheart this is wonderful

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