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6 Surefire Signs He's Not over His Ex ...

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Do you have that nagging suspicion that your boyfriend is still thinking about his last girlfriend? Fortunately, there are some signs he's not over his ex that you can be on the lookout for. But remember, if your boyfriend is really still attached to a past relationship, it’s time to move on because you deserve someone better. Below are six sure signs he's not over his ex.

1 Constantly Affirms That He’s over His Ex

Claiming that he’s not into her and that he finally moved on from his past relationship is an obvious indication that he is hiding the truth behind such claims. Besides, if he’s truly over her, he shouldn’t be mentioning anything about her. Talking about his last girlfriend is one of the most obvious signs he's not over his ex.

2 Comparing You to Her

If he doesn’t like you the way you are, but rather he wants you to reflect her identity, you're in trouble. He wants you to be her and let go of your authenticity so that he can somehow protect himself from losing her completely. Get out while you can.


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3 He Still Has Her Pictures

A boyfriend who still have his ex’s pictures saved on his phone is no good news for a new girlfriend. This proves that he's having a hard time getting rid of her completely.

4 He Considers Her His Best Friend

Does he prioritize his time for her rather than you? Well, this is a warning call and you should be careful. It's not often that exes can stay friends, especially when both are in a new relationship.

5 You Feel like You’re Being Used

Does he suddenly become overly loving and big-hearted toward you when she’s around? Well, don’t get excited about it. He’s trying to annoy her and make her jealous.

6 He Wants You to Delete Posts of You Together on Social Media

This means that your boyfriend is putting his ex’s emotions before your own. Truth is, he doesn’t want her to know so that he won’t hurt her feelings.

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