5 Signs He's Too Shy to Make the First Move so Maybe You Should ...


5 Signs He's Too Shy to Make the First Move so Maybe You Should  ...
5 Signs He's Too Shy to Make the First Move so Maybe You Should  ...

Are you looking for signs he's too shy to make the first move?

Thanks to old school values and the kinds of relationships we see on TV and in the movies, we have been conditioned to believe and feel that the only way a romantic connection can be made and developed is if the guy makes the first move. This might have been the way back in the day, but with ever growing equality, it’s open season on letting your feelings be known! And then, what about those guys who you like, but are just too shy to make a move? Here are some key signs he's too shy to make the first move that tell you how he feels and why YOU should make the first move.

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He Starts Random Conversations

Is he constantly messaging you to start random conversation threads out of nowhere? This is a clear sign that he just wants to interact and spend more time with you, probably in the hope that you are going to get the message without him having to put himself right out there and be vulnerable. He’s checking up on you because he’s always thinking about you! This is one of the top signs he's too shy to make the first move.


Often, these messages may seem inconsequential, but they're his way of staying connected. He might send you funny memes, ask about your day, or bring up inside jokes that only you two share. Pay attention to the frequency of these interactions; if they're becoming a daily routine, it’s his subtle way of showing affection. He craves that rapport with you but may fear taking things to the next level without a nudge. If you enjoy these moments, perhaps it’s time to drop a hint or gently steer the conversation towards deeper, more meaningful topics.


You’re the First Person He Talks to

product, girl, Does he make a beeline for you every time you find yourselves together in a group situation? Sure, he could be really interested in talking to you, but the truth is probably closer to the fact that he wants to develop a connection and relationship with you, without having to go through the formal "will you go out with me" type situation.


He Makes Time for You

black and white, gentleman, outerwear, monochrome photography, smile, Have you noticed that he will always cancel plans that he might have made if you suggest doing something together? This is a classic indicator that he is putting you above everybody else in his social group, even his best buds! Carving out time in his schedule just because you suggested something can only mean one thing, he is falling and falling hard but is not quite brave enough to say it outright.


Endearing Himself to Your Loved Ones

hairstyle, smile, product, Is he making an effort to build good friendships and relationships with the people that you are closest to? This is a good sign that he is planning to be a more important part of your life in the near future, and the more your friends and family like him, the more successful he is going to be in trying to be a good boyfriend to you. The only problem here is that he is putting down all this ground work while still being too shy to just tell you outright that he wants to be with you!


He’s Dependable

drink, He goes to great lengths to make you feel like you can depend on him in any type of situation that you might need help. This is a great quality to have and a great thing to be able to rely on, and you know what kind of person is usually perfect for this kind of thing? Oh yeah, a boyfriend!

Do you think you would ever make the first move?

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If he’s too shy to make a move and she’s too shy, this turns into a long wait and see game.

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