Surefire πŸ”₯ Signs He Loves You πŸ’˜ for Girls Who Don't 🚫 Have a Clue πŸ™‹ ...

There are so many signs he loves you. If you know what to look for, you'll see all the little things that proves his feelings for you. If you don't see all of them all the time, that doesn't mean he's fallen out of love. You'll see some of them sometimes, but all of them at some point or another. If not, it's time to re-evalute your relationship. Here are some of the signs he loves you.

1. He Wants You to Meet His Friends

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One of the signs he loves you is if he wants you to meet his friends. If you guys have been together for a while, he’ll want to introduce you to the guys he hangs out with. He values you and will want his friends to see how happy you make him. His friends might ask about your intentions, but it’s only because they care about your man and want him to be happy.

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