5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Man is Cheating ...


5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Man is Cheating ...
5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Man is Cheating ...

There are several tell-tale signs your man is cheating. If you're anything like me, you think first and foremost that your man will never cheat on you. He's too caring and committed to even think about carrying out such a hurtful act. The second thought in your mind is that if he is cheating you will know. I thought I would know the signs, and I would be able to tell when things were different and pinpoint the exact cause. Boy, let me tell you how wrong I was! Not only was I completely caught off guard when I found out he was cheating on me, I wasn't even sure how long it had been going on. Looking back now, I realize that I shouldn't have been looking for just one sign, but rather a culmination of events. I should have been putting a puzzle together, piece by piece. Here's to hoping these tell-tale signs your man is cheating will help if you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation.

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Decreased Interest in Sex

This is one of the biggest tell-tale signs your man is cheating. I know you're thinking that this one sounds like an obvious. However, it can sneak up and you not even realize it. Maybe it starts with a stressful situation at work and you just chalk it up to the reason he's not in the mood. One week passes, one month and suddenly there aren't any excuses left. The spark has fizzled, maybe he turns you down if you initiate. Eventually, neither side even tries anymore. The important thing to keep in mind is if he's not getting it at home, he is probably getting it from somewhere.


Refusing to Work on the Relationship

This is the one I should have paid better attention to in my relationship. If your man suddenly decides he doesn't have any interest whatsoever in working on the relationship, this is a huge red flag. Why does he not want to work on the relationship? If he point blank says that he doesn't want to work on things, then you need to ask yourself if perhaps he believes he's found greener pastures. There is a reason he has deemed your relationship as not worthy anymore.


He Doesn't Seem to Be around Anymore

Is he suddenly coming home late from work or always seems to make himself scarce? If the answer is yes, there might be something to it. It's not normal for a person to suddenly and without reason change their patterns in the absence of a life event. In my case, it began slowly with just coming home a little later than normal. This eventually turned into not coming home until several hours after he had gotten off work. At first, I considered that he was avoiding a potentially tense situation at home, but this was not the case.


Doesn't Call or Text

Let's face it, this day in time everyone has time to at least text. A lack of communicating means that there is a problem somewhere. Excuses, such as "I was too busy," or "I just can't at work," are convenient excuses and show a clear lack of interest in the relationship. I found that while he didn't have any time to text me, he apparently had plenty of time to text his friends and family. This let me know where I stood on the priority list.


Accusations That You Are Cheating

Fortunately for me, this is one I recognized thanks to a previous relationship. If he is accusing you of cheating, and things you are absolutely are not doing and have not given any reason for him to believe so, then it more than likely means he is doing it himself. He wants to justify his actions by finding fault with yours. This often comes in the form of guilt, by making you believe that you are in fact the one who is doing something wrong. Do not be fooled. Instead of taking a closer look at your actions, take a closer look at his.

The important thing to remember is that if something doesn't feel right it probably isn't right. One single event may not be enough to determine whether he's cheating. It is more helpful to take a look at the big picture. Looking back on my relationship these are the 5 key tips that I should have been looking at to tell me his true actions.

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