5 Signs to Watch for That He is Wasting Your Time ...

By Kennisha

There are definitely some signs he is going to waste your time. At one point or another in our life, we all have ignored the glaring red flags that try to steer us clear from dealing with that no-good guy that is going to waste our time. For whatever the reason, we Speedy Gonzalez past the signs and give our all to the no-good. Then, we have the nerve to get upset and cry like we didn't already foresee him wasting our time. Ladies, we must do better.

I am 100% guilty myself of ignoring the glaring red flags. So, in an effort to help my ladies avoid these glaring red flags, I have come up with 5 signs he is going to waste your time.

Table of contents:

  1. he wants to be in a situationship
  2. he only hits you up when he wants
  3. he always wants to come over but never wants to take you out
  4. he never takes into account your feelings
  5. your intuition is telling you to let him go

1 He Wants to Be in a Situationship

Rapper Fabolous, came out with a song a few years ago called "Situationship". A situsationship is where a man gets the benefits of being in a committed relationship BUT is not actually in a committed relationship. Ladies listen, (insert deep sigh), DO NOT GIVE A MAN ANY RELATIONSHIP BENEFITS IF HE CANNOT COMMIT TO YOU! I had to type all that caps so you all can truly hear me. Any man that truly wants you, will have zero problems being committed to you. It really is that simple. And forgoing commitment is one of the biggest signs he is going to waste your time.

2 He Only Hits You up when He Wants

Any man that is fully interested in a woman, is going to want and know how to communicate with her effectively. If, when you text him, he doesn't reply till hours later or even days, let that man go. Don't even reply when he DECIDES to finally hit you back! Sure, he could legit be busy, but it takes seconds to reply to a text to convey that. If you know his phone is always glued to his hand, baby boy gets no passes for excuses!

3 He Always Wants to Come over but Never Wants to Take You out

If he is always trying to "Netflix and chill" with you instead of saying "hey you hungry? Let's go to dinner", then he isn't the one, sis. Any man that is really wanting to get know a woman and build with her, will most certainly want to take you out. If he doesn't have some type of handicap that makes him embarrassed to be around people, then don't pursue anything further with him.

4 He Never Takes into Account Your Feelings

When you find yourself constantly having to explain to him how certain actions he does make you feel and he has excuses for his actions rather than an apology and pledge to do better, he's not the one for you. He should value your feelings and make you feel comfortable in communicating them to him. If you're telling him how you feel and then he has nothing but rebuttals for why you shouldn't feel how you feel, show him to the door.

5 Your Intuition is Telling You to Let Him Go

Our intuition is NEVER wrong. God gave us women the magnificent power of knowing when something is off. You will most certainly know when you are wasting your time with a guy. Do not, I repeat DO NOT ignore your intuition. We have one for a reason and if we listen to it more often, it would save us from A LOT of heartbreak and soaked pillows.

Ladies, I am not saying anything that you do not already know. If that man is playing games with your heart, girl let him go!

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