Obvious Signs Your Crush is a Jerk ...


Obvious Signs Your Crush is a Jerk ...
Obvious Signs Your Crush is a Jerk ...

There are several signs your crush is a jerk. It’s an unfortunate fact of life, but the truth is that we cannot always help who we fall for, in fact, for some people, the idea of being able to pick and choose who your crushing arrow lands on is completely foreign! Developing a crush on a person isn’t necessarily a bad thing in itself, but problems can start to arise when you don’t know when it is time to give up on one particular guy and start putting yourself out there for somebody else instead. Life is way too short to be wasting time on a crush that is no good for you, so here are some helpful signs your crush is a jerk and that you should move on!

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girl, human, photo caption, midnight, song, Does he like to engage in trolling on his various social media platforms? He might be nice to you in real life, but if he can so easily be horrible to people online behind the safety of a screen, then what kind of person does that make him? If he can be so rude to strangers online, then it shows he is a low-quality person. This is one of the biggest signs your crush is a jerk.



photo caption, product, facial hair, Does he have a tendency to be critical, either of you or people around you? Quite often, being overly critical is a sign that the person themselves are not the most confident or secure, so you need to question whether you want to spend time crushing on somebody who is going to be prone to lashing out whenever they feel vulnerable.



blond, girl, service, customer, Does he go from paying all the attention to you one day to completely ignoring you the next? It could be two things - he’s either playing you off against another set of girls, one day at a time, or he’s simply not interested enough in you to make a full-time effort. Both of these scenarios show a lack of positive character, so you might want to move on to another crush ASAP!



album cover, television program, pop music, girl, scene, We all like the idea of a bad boy, but if your crush is somebody who is constantly getting in trouble, then you might want to take a step back and consider whether that is something worth pursuing. Getting in trouble at school is one thing, but getting in trouble with actual authorities is something much more worrying and telling.



interaction, event, photo caption, song, girl, Have you noticed that he can be quiet selfish a lot of the time? When you are just admiring from afar, this doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but if you start to take things further and get closer to him, his selfishness will start to affect you directly. If he is only concerned about himself, then he isn’t worth your time!



girl, mouth, product, human, finger, Is he a drama magnet? This kind of person can be fun to be around when you aren’t emotionally invested yet, but if your crush starts to develop into something else, his tendency to always have a big hullabaloo following him around will get pretty tiring, pretty quick!

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