Major Signs He's Dating Other Women That You Should Recognize ...


Major Signs He's Dating Other Women That You Should Recognize ...
Major Signs He's Dating Other Women That You Should Recognize ...

Being aware of signs he is dating other women is important in a new relationship. When you are in a relationship, or even just in the early stages of seeing someone, you want to put as much trust in the person as possible, but there is always that niggling thought at the back of your mind that won’t go away; is there a chance that he might be dating someone else as well as you? It’s not necessarily something that you should assume right off the bat, but it’s also not something that you should completely ignore and bury deep down inside. In order to preserve your own mental well being and protect yourself from unnecessary pain, here are some signs he is dating other women that you can be on the lookout for.

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No Advance Plans

Everything that you do together always seems to be based on last minute decision, you can never make plans in advance with him because you can never tie him down to a long-term date setting. Have you ever thought that this might be because he already has plans with someone else that he doesn’t want you to know about? If he refuses to set proper dates with you, it might be worth investigating because this is one of the top signs he is dating other women.


No Commitment

You have been enjoying what you thought was a healthily progressing relationship up to his point, but he is still unwilling to call you anything more than a ‘good friend’ and that what you are doing together is some fun ‘hanging out’. These are the classic terms used around a sidepiece, so it’s definitely worth doing your research to see whether he has already committed to another girl, and is therefore just leading you on for an extra thrill.


Phone Checking

Does he constantly check his phone when he is with you? Do guys really text each other that much? There is no game score to check in on right now, so who does he keep looking at his home screen for? Also, is he checking in it such a way that you can’t really see what he is looking for? It all seems a bit suspicious, and if he is evasive when you ask him about it, then you know that something could really be going on.


No Chasing

Dating and the early stages of a relationship should be all about that fun, exciting nature of the chase, having him text and call you all the time to try to set up a date, just so he can see you and be with you. If he isn’t doing that, however, then could it mean that he doesn’t need to chase you because he is getting his kicks in another place as well? If he goes quiet for days on end, you might want to consider the fact that he is off chasing somebody else.


You’re a Secret

Is he unwilling to introduce you to his friends and family, and isn’t particularly interested in meeting yours either? At some point, you are going to have wonder whether he is being shy or he is actually being secretive on purpose, perhaps because he has already introduced someone else?

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