12 Warning Signs of Cheating That Most Women Ignore ...


12 Warning Signs of Cheating That Most Women Ignore ...
12 Warning Signs of Cheating That Most Women Ignore ...

Are you on the lookout for signs he is cheating? You and your partner have been happy for a long time now but something has started to feel a little off. It’s the last thing you want to think of, but you think he may be cheating. How can you figure out if he is without strapping a lie detector on him or hiring a PI?

Let’s look at 12 signs he is cheating.

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The Usual

Lipstick on his clothes or collar, another person’s scent on him, unexpected marks that are signs of sexual activity. This is especially true if it happens more than once and is one of the top signs he is cheating.


All of Sudden He Starts to...

Work longer at the office, he starts traveling more, so that he is away from you overnight, for a couple of days, or longer. This is especially alarming if this is partnered with other signs. These are clear signs that he is probably playing while he is away. This is also true if you notice a sudden increase in lifestyle expenses that don’t include you.


He Isn’t Present

Even if he is sitting right next to you, he’s somewhere else. He isn’t really with you.


He Starts to Stress over His Looks in a New Way

This could be dressing better, sudden use of a lot of aftershave, or a new love for the gym. Showering before he comes to bed, which could signify guilt or a desire to prevent the detection of his lover's scent is another sign. You could also find him cleaning his car to remove signs of another woman.


He Has a New Enthusiasm

For a colleague, a newly single friend, or a friend of yours. He’s now talking a lot about her and only too willing to help her. In fact, he seems overly helpful. To you, it seems like a crush.


He Quits Noticing You

You could walk around for a week with a bag over your head and he wouldn’t say anything. Even when he is making an effort to be with you, he doesn’t notice anything about you.


Warnings and Hints

From colleagues, families, or friends. They probably have your best interests at heart, and they are aware of something that you’re not.


Your Intuition is Setting off Alarms

You may not be able to completely understand what your intuition is trying to tell you, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. It isn’t interested in holding onto a man at all costs. It is only telling you what it has figured out from thousands of subtle clues.


Him Telling You That You Are Crazy or Jealous

An attack is a cheater's favorite defense. These are just ploys to try to make you doubt yourself. Unless you are a habitually jealous person, you should trust what your gut tells you.


Showing You His Email Accounts and Text Messages

A practiced cheater will have a cell phone that you won’t ever see that he uses for his other women. The same goes for his email accounts. When it comes to social media, unless he is a complete idiot, or he wants you to find out, you probably aren’t going to find anything on there.


Are They Being Super Nice?

Letting you watch whatever on TV even when his favorite shows are on. Buying you a lot of gifts. Asking you if you want to go to your favorite restaurant. For some people, having an affair can make a person act happier, or guilt can make them try to make up for their mistakes.


The opposite Could Be True

And they constantly pick at your faults or accuse you of cheating. When attractions start to fade in a relationship and they have something going on the side, it’s easy for them to get irritable. The added burden of being deceitful doesn’t really help. Plus, once a person starts cheating, and they don’t get caught, they start to think about the fact that you could do the same thing.

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