13 Extraordinary Signs That He's the One ...


13 Extraordinary Signs That He's the One ...
13 Extraordinary Signs That He's the One ...

Looking for signs he is the one? A new relationship can be a whirlwind of romance, but once the dust settles, how do you know he’s in it for the long haul? More importantly, how do you know you want to spend the rest of your life with him? Here are some signs he is the one.

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You Have a Healthy Relationship

Unfortunately, relationships aren’t all romance. They involve working together to build a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship. And that's one of the signs he is the one.


He Trusts You

Trust is second only to communication as the absolute most important thing in a relationship. He has to trust you, and this means not being possessive and keeping jealousy to the bare minimum.


And You Trust Him

This works both ways. If he trusts you, you must trust him. If you think he’s cheating or lying about something, he’s not the one. A little bit of jealousy can be natural, being controlling is not.


You Communicate Clearly

Talking can be embarrassing and awkward, but it’s essential. If he genuinely talks to you about how he’s feeling, what his goals are, what he thinks of you and the relationship – he’s a keeper!


You Can Be Honest

Communication is pointless if you discuss the weather or spout off a load of lies. After all, honesty builds trust and makes your relationship better. If he’s honest and gives you no reason to doubt him – that’s a great sign!


Your Family and Friends like Him

Yes, there are always exceptions to this. Family can be odd and friends can be possessive – but they’re a good indication of what he’s really like. They can see him more objectively than you, and if they like him – success!


He’s Consistent

Listen to your friends! If they have concerns, which you brush of with “well you don’t know what he’s really like”, that’s a sign he acts differently around different people. If he’s only acting kind sometimes, he’s not kind, and he’s not the one.


He Adds to Your Life without Taking from It

Relationships require some compromise. Ideally, he’ll add to your life without taking from it. And vice versa! If you fit together well and don’t require the other to give up a career, hobbies or other relationships, that’s fantastic!


You Have Mutual Life Goals

If he wants a housewife and you want a career, if he wants kids and you don’t, if he wants pets and you’re allergic – he’s not the one. You must put yourself first. There are plenty of fish in the sea, but you only have one life and one body.


He Supports Your Career

As above, he should be supportive of your career! He should take an interest, understand that you may need to work late sometimes and do his fair share of the housework.


You Have a Similar Sense of Humour

If your partner has a similar sense of humour, you’ll gel together and your relationship will benefit from it.


He Always Finds You Attractive

If he hates you without makeup, it’s not you he’s attracted too. If you’re looking for ‘the one’, you’re looking for someone who genuinely loves you and the way you look. After all, you won’t spend the rest of your life perfectly made up.


He Loves You

So many people are afraid of the L word, but ‘the one’ will genuinely love you and won’t be afraid to admit it. You deserve someone who loves you – don’t settle for less.

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