8 Telling Signs He is Embarrassed of You ...


Do you know some of the signs he is embarrassed of you? Do you know how to spot if your man is ashamed to show you off? Do you have your suspicions? Well girls, if you think that your guy is ashamed of you for any reason, below I've got the top 8 signs he is embarrassed of you. That way you can really tell if he is embarrassed of you or not. You ready to see all of the signs he is embarrassed of you?

1. He Doesn't Introduce You as His Girlfriend

Does your boyfriend introduce you to people? Does he call you his girlfriend when he does introduce you? If not, that could be one of the signs he is embarrassed of you. You want a guy that is going to be proud to introduce you as his girlfriend. You want a boyfriend that is really going to show you off in all of the right ways!

He Ignores You in Public


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Heather Jensen
Hi Molly! I'd say that you might need to talk to your ex, that might be a great way to get him back! Just tell him that you still like him!
Okay, well this guy, we used to date, until I broke up with him... I made a big mistake doing that, I liked him mostly because of his humorous personality but also his bright blue eyes, I was talking ...
Heather Jensen
A lot of the time, PDA is something that embarrasses a guy -- especially if the girl is hanging all over them, just to make sure that everyone knows that he is hers. :)
I'm not really sure if PDA should be considered on this list. My boyfriend and I aren't big on PDA... mostly because we don't enjoy it when other couples engage in Public Displays of Affection. We fee...
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