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8 Ways to Know That He's Boyfriend Material ...

By Diana

If you’re head over heels for the guy you’ve been seeing, you’re probably wondering whether or not he’s boyfriend material. Even if he can make you melt with his smile, you should proceed with caution in order to protect your precious heart. As someone who’s been in her fair share of relationships, I’ve rounded up the top 8 ways to know that he’s boyfriend material. Does he deserve your love and devotion? Find out now!

1 He Pursues His Goals

One of the first ways to know that he is boyfriend material is to think about all those times he’s discussed his goals with you. If he’s hard at work pursuing his dreams, that’s a very good sign. But if your guy doesn’t take his future seriously, ask yourself how he’s going to value a long term relationship. Do you really want a couch potato boyfriend who asks you for a sandwich every few hours? Didn’t think so!

2 He Respects His Family

Another important way to know that he’s boyfriend material is if he respects his family. I would never date anyone who doesn’t treat family members with compassion and respect. Because if you’re looking to become a part of his family one day, he could start treating you the same way. Keep an eye out, ladies!

3 He Respects You

A key way to know that he’s boyfriend material is to consider how he treats you –both when you’re alone with him and around his pals. If he’s sugary sweet when you’re intimate with him but ignores you when his friends arrive, he’s probably not the right guy for a relationship. Remember: you deserve a man who wouldn’t hesitate to show you off to anyone and everyone, so don’t settle for any less!

4 He’s Not Dependent on His Buddies

If you’re mulling over taking your relationship to the next level, I’d urge you to first study how he makes decisions. When your guy can’t even choose a breakfast dish at the local diner without texting his boys, you may need to reconsider going Facebook official with him. As girls, we’ve all asked our gal pals for everything from clothing tips to relationship advice. But if he’s glued at the hip with his posse, walk away. You won’t regret it!

5 He Pays Attention

Another vital way to know that he’s boyfriend material is to give him a little quiz. Ask him what your favorite color is, which classes you’re taking, and how many best friends you have –and anything else you’ve told him repeatedly over the past few weeks. If he aces the test, you know he’s right for you. But if you find out he hasn’t been paying attention at all, it’s time to move on to a guy who will.

6 He’s Trustworthy

Are you his number one or one of a million? Can’t help but suspect he’s being less than truthful? You need to talk to him about it –sooner rather than later. Trust is the glue that holds relationships together. Without it, you’ll be peering over his shoulder as he hides texts from the (possible) other woman.

7 He’s Interesting

Does the guy you’ve been dating bore you to tears? Gals, that’s bad news! Don’t get me wrong: a man with a heart of gold is great! But, if he’s lacking in the personality department, he might not be boyfriend material. I’d give him a few more shots (because he might simply be nervous around you. Aw!), but if he keeps falling flat, it’s time to take your amazing sense of humor elsewhere.

8 He Makes Time for You

One final way to know that he’s boyfriend material is to think about how much time you spend with him. While you shouldn’t feel suffocated in a relationship, you also don’t want to feel like he’s always ditching you. Even when I was balancing an internship and heavy class load, I almost never canceled a date. So, if you can find time, so can he –no excuses!

These are a few of the top ways to know that your guy is boyfriend material. Does he pass the test? What are some of your own tried and true ways to tell that he’s ready for a relationship?

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