13 Surefire Signals He'll Give if He's into You ...


13 Surefire Signals He'll Give if He's into You ...
13 Surefire Signals He'll Give if He's into You ...

When your crush likes you, it's probably hard to tell right? If you don't know all of the things he'll do when he likes you, how can you spot it out? Well girls, I've had a lot of crushes and I've spotted all sorts of things he'll do when he likes you! So if your crush always sits near you, treats you completely different from your friends and stutters, do you think he likes you? Learn how to tell if he likes you below!

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He Will Be Distracted when You're around

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When you enter a room, does your crush instantly become distracted and can't complete his work – or even his meal? This is absolutely one of the things he'll do when he likes you! Not only will he be completely distracted, but he'll probably forget how to talk, where he is and he'll smile a whole lot. It's all nerves, girls!



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What about when your crush actually talks to you? Does he stutter a lot? Does his speech and talking skip a bit? This is one of the things he'll do when he likes you girls! I know this one is hard to spot right away, but as you are talking to your crush, if he constantly skips a word or can't seem to get one out, it's a sign!


When he's tripping over his words, it might just be those butterflies causing chaos. Trust me, when a guy's into you, even the smooth talkers can get tongue-tied. Pay attention to those adorable hiccups in his speech – they're like little neon signs screaming, "I like you!" It's all about those nervous vibes turning his words into a cute jumble. And while he's trying to play it cool, his stutter might just betray his real feelings. Stick with him though; once he's over his nerves, you'll spark the most genuine conversations!


Compliments the Smallest Thing about You

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What about the compliments, girls? Does your crush constantly compliment the smallest detail about you? From the new headband you are wearing to the new shoes you picked up, he notices! This is a sign girls and absolutely one of the ways on how to tell if he likes you!


When he zooms in on the little things, whether it's your glittery nail polish or the quirk of your smile when you're concentrating, these tiny acknowledgments aren't by chance. He's practically got a magnifying glass out, appreciating all the nuances of who you are. Think about it; we often miss these details in casual acquaintances, right? If he never misses a beat, whether you've tucked your hair differently or used a new lip gloss, it's not just good observation skills—it's adoration. These miniature compliments are his way of saying you're worthy of attention—all the time.


Treats You Differently

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Does your crush treat you completely different than he treats his friends? Does he put you above the rest? If your crush will talk to you, laugh with you and be corny with you – and he doesn't do a lot of that with his friends, that's one of the ways on how to tell if he likes you!


Being on the receiving end of special treatment is usually a crystal-clear sign that he's smitten. Perhaps he remembers the tiniest details from your conversations, or he goes out of his way to make your day a little brighter. It's all about the personal touches - those things he wouldn't do for just anyone. Look out for those thoughtful gestures like bringing you your favorite coffee, or texts just to check in, and you'll know you're not just another friend to him, but someone he truly cares about.


Longer Eye Contact

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Do you notice that when your crush looks at you, he lingers on your stare? Does he constantly look right into your eyes and hold it? This is a surefire thing he'll do when he likes you! Most of the time, guys are pretty shy when it comes to their looks and who they stare at, so keep that in mind!


Extended eye contact is often a powerful form of non-verbal communication, and when it comes from someone who might be interested in you, it takes on an extra layer of intensity. It's as if he's trying to communicate his affection without saying a word, allowing his gaze to connect with yours in a silent conversation. If you feel like his eyes are peering into your soul, it's a pretty good sign he's smitten. Remember though, there's a fine line between soulful staring and awkward gawking - so, hopefully, he's staying on the right side of it!

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He Doesn't Leave a Gathering before You do


What about when you hang out with your mutual friends and he's there? Does he leave before you do? Does he offer to walk you home or drive you home? If your crush never leaves a gathering before you do and he is constantly looking for a way that you can stay longer, it's one of the signs on how to tell if he likes you!


He Finds Random Excuses to Text You


Do you constantly get random text messages from him? Just to say 'hi' or even just to complain about a class teacher? If he is constantly looking for a random excuse to text you, to share something with you, or to keep you engaged, this is absolutely some of the things he'll do when he likes you!


These messages might seem trivial at first glance; yet, they're peppered with his desire to connect with you over virtually anything. Whether it's a meme that he insists you "just have to see" or a casual inquiry about your day, these texts serve as his not-so-subtle way of saying you're on his mind. Beware, though: if you find that these interactions blossom into evening chats that stretch into the night, he's definitely trying to strengthen that bond. He's creating a private little world for just the two of you, one message at a time.


He Always Sits near You

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Does he always find some type of way to sit near you? Does he find a way to make sure that you are somewhere near him? That's a sign girls, that he likes you and that he does want to be near you. Keep that in mind the next time your crush sits near you!


When a guy consistently positions himself close to you, it's not just about physical proximity; it often indicates a deeper desire to create an emotional connection. If you notice him subtly shuffling his way to the seat next to yours or coincidentally appearing beside you in line, chances are, he's smitten. His body language will communicate eagerness and interest. Be on the lookout for those casual touches or shared laughter as further evidence of his affection. Pay attention to these small but meaningful gestures; they often speak louder than words.


He'll Try to Befriend Your Friends


If the two of you run with different cliques, your crush will try to mingle with your friends. After all, he can't be boyfriend material if he doesn't get along with your BFFs, right? It could also be a sign that he's trying to ask them questions about you and whether or not you're interested in him!


He'll Find Excuses to Touch You

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He'll take you to a scary movie where you can lean into him or brush the hair away from your face when he sees you - anything to be able to touch you! It's actually really sweet. If he's always wrapping his arms around you, it shows that he's protective of you and wants everybody to know that he's totally into you.


He'll Remember Everything You Say


When a guy likes you, he'll want to know everything about you. He may be asking you all these questions but the real impressive part is when he remembers everything you say. If he remembers a tiny detail that you mentioned weeks ago or anything that's really important to you, he's a keeper.


He'll Get Jealous of Other Guys

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Now, I'm not saying he'll turn into the Hulk every time he sees you talk to a guy but if he's into you and things aren't really defined with you two just yet, he'll definitely feel a little bit jealous because he's not sure where he stands with you yet. If you feel the same, ease his mind and let him know!


He'll Ask You out

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This is what you've been waiting for, right? It's the number one sign that a guy is into you! He'll start asking you to hang out. Whether it be in a group setting (hey, maybe he's shy!) or out to dinner and a movie, he's definitely interested in you.

So, what's the verdict? Is your crush doing any of these things?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Vanessa Salles.

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They always do al of these things except messaging me or asking me out, lol

@Heather Jensen I just have to say I love All Woman's Stalk! And I also want to share my situation. I've had my share of guys who mislead me to what they really intend with me so I don't want to be wrong about this one. This guy is a gym staff, he's 21 (I'm 19) and It's one of those moments were the moment I met him I knew he would be a good guy. Well I went in with my mom and he treated my mom like the way my mom should be treated (: and He would indirectly ask questions like "You have to be this age to do this, are you this age?" I would agree and he said "Awesome, I'm 21!" And he just smiles so much, which his smile is the most captivating smile I've ever seen. I said "could I get my glasses" and he gave me a sheet of classes they offer, which I thought was funny and cute. Well he memorized my gym number so every time I enter he's like "you're good to go". I took my time to ask his name after the 5th visit and he said "Which name would you like to know, my work name or real name?" And I said "both(:" and he smiled and told me his name. And he asked me for mine and I told him and he says, "its so Nice to meet you Monse" and he just smiles all the time. I've been at the gym three weeks now and he greets me everyday calling my name and logging me and smiles a whole lot. Into me or no? (: sorry this is sort of long!

@heatherjensen um i have a situation, can you help with that?

Hi. I am Prerna. I am 15 and I really love all your posts and tips you give. But i wanna know that how to find out when your enemy has fallen for you.

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