15 Warning Signs You Arent Attracted to Your Man Anymore ...

By Heather

Learning that you are not attracted to your boyfriend any longer is hard to bear or even hard to consider. Do you find yourself wondering if you are at all attracted to your boyfriend? Do you think that there is a huge disconnect between you two? Below, I've got the top 15 signals you are not attracted to your boyfriend so that maybe, you can finally admit it. Remember, just because you are not attracted to your boyfriend, doesn't mean you can't attempt to be friends with him!

Table of contents:

  1. every small thing he does gets on your nerves
  2. you can't remember the reason why you thought he was attractive
  3. you constantly check out other guys
  4. you don't miss him
  5. when he talks, he annoys you
  6. you're jealous of your girlfriend's boyfriends
  7. you hate his clothes
  8. you think everything he says is stupid
  9. his personality no longer appeals to you
  10. hooking up with him sounds tiring
  11. you don't care when he goes out
  12. he doesn't take your breath away
  13. you hate the way he smells
  14. you don't want to talk as much
  15. you no longer find him funny

1 Every Small Thing He Does Gets on Your Nerves

Does every, single, small, tiny thing that he does get on your nerves? Even when he is just trying to have a conversation with you? This is the first sign you are not attracted to your boyfriend anymore. It's hard to admit, especially if you've been together a long time, but attraction can fade away, if you let it.

2 You Can't Remember the Reason Why You Thought He Was Attractive

Why did you think that your boyfriend was attractive in the first place? This is where you can start to figure out why you are not attracted to your boyfriend anymore. Do you still remember that reason? Do you still think about it? Did you find his smile attractive? Did you find his personality attractive? What do you think of him now? These are important questions that you'll want to take into consideration!

3 You Constantly Check out Other Guys

Girls, it's normal for you to check out other guys and compare, but just a little bit. If you are constantly finding yourself checking out other guys and constantly finding yourself attracted to other guys, that could mean that you are not attracted to your boyfriend any longer.

4 You Don't Miss Him

Do you remember the days in your relationship - probably early on - when you actually missed each other? Do you remember what it was like to actually miss him throughout the day when you didn't talk or see him? Well girls, that could be one of the signs you are not attracted to your boyfriend anymore.

5 When He Talks, He Annoys You

Let's say that you are just surfing the Internet and your boyfriend is trying to have a good conversation with you – and it annoys you to no end. Whenever your boyfriend opens up his mouth to speak at all, you find yourself rolling your eyes and looking for any excuse to shut him up. Ladies, that's another sign you are not attracted to your boyfriend anymore.

6 You're Jealous of Your Girlfriend's Boyfriends

Do your girlfriends have boyfriends that you would kill to have? Do your girlfriends constantly brag about their boyfriends and how great they are? Being jealous of how great your girlfriend's boyfriends are can be a sign that you are no longer attracted to your boyfriend. You should be making other people jealous of your boyfriend, not being jealous of other peoples boyfriends.

7 You Hate His Clothes

While there are some things that you can tolerate, if you cannot stand his clothes, if you can not stand anything about his wardrobe, that's a problem. You want your boyfriend to look good, but if you can't find anything at all in the world that looks good on him, that could be a sign that you just aren't attracted to him.

8 You Think Everything He Says is Stupid

While I may have mentioned that he could annoy you when he talks, but do you honestly think that every single thing that he says is stupid? Do you think that every opinion that he states is something you'd never think of? Girls, if it goes beyond annoyance and actually shifts into you thinking that he is stupid, that is one sign you are not attracted to your boyfriend anymore.

9 His Personality No Longer Appeals to You

When you first started dating, did you love his personality? Did you think that he was the bees knees? Now, not so much? Do you think that his jokes are dumb and that you wish he was completely different? Girls, that's the definition of not being attracted to your boyfriend.

10 Hooking up with Him Sounds Tiring

If you really don't want to kiss your boyfriend, or do anything else, then you're really not attracted to your boyfriend anymore. The idea of kissing your boyfriend should be exciting and give you those butterflies in your stomach, not make you feel obligated or like you're doing a job.

11 You Don't Care when He Goes out

If he goes out without you, instead of being bummed that you can't spend that time with him, you don't care do you? If this is true for you, you probably aren't attracted to him anymore. If you feel happy that he's out without you because that means that not only do you have to see him, but you also get to go out on your own, there's probably something not right.

12 He Doesn't Take Your Breath Away

When you see your boyfriend, no matter how long you've been with him, he should take your breath away. Do you remember the butterflies you used to get every time you saw him? What about when he took your breath away at just the sight of him? If that's not happening anymore, there's a problem.

13 You Hate the Way He Smells

You remember that cologne that used to always put a smile on your face? If it starts to turn your stomach, then you're in for a bad time. You should love the way he smells and think of him every time you smell his cologne. If the idea of his cologne repulses you, you should probably think about what that means

14 You Don't Want to Talk as Much

Have you been ignoring his texts? Do you make up excuses to get off the phone? This is probably a bad sign. In the beginning you probably scrambled to find your phone every time he texted or called you. If now you don't care at all, you probably aren't attracted to him anymore.

15 You No Longer Find Him Funny

Finally, he can no longer make you laugh. There is no spark there anymore and you just don't find him funny. In fact, you probably think that he isn't funny at all, you probably are more annoyed with him than anything. Is that the case? Well girls, that is one of the signs you are not attracted to your boyfriend anymore.

Well girls, there you have it. All of my top signs on how to tell if you are not attracted to your boyfriend anymore. Do any of these sound familiar? What other signs are there to tell if you are not attracted to your boyfriend anymore?

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