The Benefits of Breaking up with Social Media ...

By Heather

Social media is great, Facebook is has changed the way we do everything and Twitter allows us to really express ourselves in 140 character or less, but … there is too much social media out there! Sometimes, I feel like there is so much information coming at me, it can be overwhelming, so why not break up with social media for a few weeks?

Table of contents:

  1. your phone won't hold you hostage
  2. productivity? you'll be better at it …
  3. you'll be more connected to your friends and family
  4. you'll actually stop and see the world
  5. creativity? it'll happen more!
  6. you'll feel clearer
  7. you'll have a ton more time
  8. it will allow you to focus in on what really matters
  9. drama? it's way less
  10. you'll have a fresh look on life
  11. you'll actually be able to hear people tell you their news
  12. you won't have to plug in your phone nearly as much
  13. you can have a conversation without picking up your phone
  14. your brain will thank you for the break
  15. you forget about snap, silent judgments because of a status update
  16. the anxiety of 'answering every message' within 30 seconds goes away
  17. your friends won't know everything that is going in your life … forcing them to call you

1 Your Phone Won't Hold You Hostage

2 Productivity? You'll Be Better at It …

3 You'll Be More Connected to Your Friends and Family

4 You'll Actually Stop and See the World

5 Creativity? It'll Happen More!

6 You'll Feel Clearer

7 You'll Have a Ton More Time

8 It Will Allow You to Focus in on What Really Matters

9 Drama? It's Way Less

10 You'll Have a Fresh Look on Life

11 You'll Actually Be Able to Hear People Tell You Their News

12 You Won't Have to Plug in Your Phone Nearly as Much

13 You Can Have a Conversation without Picking up Your Phone

14 Your Brain Will Thank You for the Break

15 You Forget about Snap, Silent Judgments Because of a Status Update

16 The Anxiety of 'answering Every Message' within 30 Seconds Goes Away

17 Your Friends Won't Know Everything That is Going in Your Life … Forcing Them to Call You

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