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Why You Shouldn't Apologize for Being Single ...

By Holly

Don't feel bad about your single status. It's nothing to worry about. According to Bustle, this is why you should never apologize for being single:

1 It's Better to Be Single than Be with the Wrong Person

black and white, monochrome photography, monochrome, screenshot, film noir, You won't be happy in just any relationship. You need to find the right guy in order for that to happen.

2 Single People Have More Time for Their Friends

people, woman, lady, musician, performing arts, You don't want to neglect the people closest to you. Since you're single, you'll have plenty of time to show your friends how much you care.

3 Being Single Lets You Focus on Work

love, job., love, job,, love, Don't you want to get ahead in your career? Well, you have plenty of time to focus on your job. Boys should come second, anyway.

4 Refusing to Settle Now Frees You up for the Right Person Later

Refusing to Settle Now Frees You up for the Right Person Later If you were in a relationship, then you wouldn't be able to make a move on the hot men you'll meet in the future. It's better to be available for when they come along.

5 Phases of Singlehood Make You a Better Partner

person, cartoon, screenshot, brand, profession, Your time as a single woman will actually make you a better, stronger person.

6 Being Single Doesn't Make You Less Happy

color, people, carnival, I'M, HAPPY, You can be just as happy alone as you would be in a relationship. A man won't make you whole.

7 Dating is Exhausting

person, floristry, profession, date, experience, No more needs to be said. It's exhausting dealing with boys who don't deserve your attention.

Are you currently single?

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