10 Reasons Why Indecisive Girls Shouldn't Take a Heartbreaker Back ...


10 Reasons Why Indecisive Girls Shouldn't Take a Heartbreaker Back ...
10 Reasons Why Indecisive Girls Shouldn't Take a Heartbreaker Back ...

A heartbreaker is someone who does unforgiveable things in your relationship, things that are so destructive and wrong that it can easily and quickly break the relationship down completely.

Some people don't deserve a second chance, and those people are ones who have badly hurt you in the past which you may not have ever been able to move on and recover from.

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He Badly Hurt You

If he can do it once, he can do it again. The truth is, being emotionally hurt by someone can take a really long time to heal and it is quite damaging. Do yourself a favour by keeping those healed wounds closed and protected.


He Broke Your Heart

There are no exceptions for this one. There's a reason for the saying once a heartbreaker, always a heartbreaker. If you trusted him and he broke your trust and heart, you shouldn't have to justify yourself for not wanting to take him back.


He Didn't Respect You

If he tended to walk all over you like a doormat, chances are it's because he didn't respect you and only he has the power to change that. You shouldn't have to give him reasons why he should respect you because it should be a given.


Issues Still Remain

If issues weren't resolved the first time, they still remain and you can bet it will be exactly the same as before. Be realistic about the situation and reflect on the issues you had and why you weren't able to find a resolution together.


You Don't Love Him Anymore

If you don't love him anymore, don't waste your time even considering to take him back. You will only be unhappy with him, and you shouldn't have to 'trick' yourself into loving him or convince yourself that you should if you truly don't. If you don't love him, there must be a good reason why.


He Was Abusive

You should never take someone back who hurt you in any way, but even worse, in multiple ways. Unfortunately it's only our job to protect ourselves and our precious hearts from people like this. So don't allow him to take advantage again.


He Lied to You

At the time, you may not haven't known the fact from the fiction or found it hard to tell the two apart. Furthermore, it may have been hard to believe a single word that came out of his mouth because it sounded so smooth and genuine, and yet it wasn't.


He Brought out Your Insecurities

There is no excuse for manipulating someone so much so that you encourage their insecurities to out come in the open. If he did this, it's because he found your weaknesses and used them against you for personal gain.


You Put Him on a Pedestal

He's not all that and he's certainly not any better than you. Remember that you are equals and he doesn't have any right to treat you any less than this or believe that he's your superior. What's a true, healthy relationship without equality?


You Want Different Things

This provides lack of common ground and interests. It can be very hard to relate to someone who wants such different things to you in life.

It's impossible to be in a relationship with someone who doesn't want a relationship. That's at that matters at the end of the day.

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5 is so true

All of these apply to me..

Sooo true girls ever never get back if ur broke once , remember it happened for a reason .

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