The 10 Commandments of Happy Relationships ...

By Emily

Being in love with someone is great. Building a relationship with them takes a lot of work on both ends, but it is completely worth the results 👫 We have a few commandments that, if followed, will result in a happier and healthier bond with your significant other.

Table of contents:

  1. live truthfully
  2. make time ⏱ for each other
  3. respect each other’s space
  4. own up to your mistakes
  5. always have respect
  6. lift each other up
  7. be selfless
  8. try new things
  9. help each other grow🌱
  10. be upfront and open

1 Live Truthfully

Trust is one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) parts of a healthy relationship. Being able to be 100% trusting of another person takes a lot. Be consistent and live with integrity, both in your relationship and in general. It pays off.

2 Make Time ⏱ for Each Other

This one seems like a given, but with busy schedules, it can be kind of hard to have the time you want from your partner. That’s why setting aside specific times or nights to spend with them is so important. It strengthens your bond.

3 Respect Each Other’s Space

Okay, we just told you to spend time with each other, so you’re probably wondering why we say this. But having your own interests apart from your partner is totally natural and actually healthy. Being able to enjoy things separately is a great thing in a relationship.

4 Own up to Your Mistakes

Don’t play the blame game, plain and simple. Being able to admit when you’re wrong will gain you the respect and trust of your partner. Apologizing genuinely means a lot to someone and will help you settle disputes more peacefully 😌

5 Always Have Respect

Respect goes a long way, both in relationships and in general. You and your partner will not always agree on things 💁Being able to agree to disagree and respect each other’s opinions will allow you to remain close despite differences.

6 Lift Each Other up

It’s important for people in relationships to be able to lean on each other – especially when they might be feeling down. Giving words of encouragement and positivity ☀️ means so much in a relationship and will make the other person feel valued.

7 Be Selfless

A relationship is a team effort, and there really is no room for a “me” attitude. If both people are giving of themselves and put the other first, then everything works smoothly. See how you can make their lives better and meet their needs.

8 Try New Things

Keeping it fresh in a relationship might take some work, but it’s totally worth it. Something as simple as trying a new restaurant 🍽 or making a blanket fort at home can add a new excitement between the two of you.

9 Help Each Other Grow🌱

We’re always changing, even if it’s only a little bit. Being able to support your significant other’s ambitions and cheering them on towards goals is a great way to have a happier relationship. Always encourage and challenge them to push towards what they want.

10 Be Upfront and Open

Unfortunately, mind reading doesn’t exist yet: so don’t expect your partner to be able to know what you’re thinking or feeling. Open communication can solve so many problems in the long run and also establishes intimacy.

These are just a few things that we think are important in relationships, but obviously, there are countless ways to show your partner that you care 💕 If you have any other thoughts, feel free to leave them in the comments!

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