10 Things You Absolutely Should Not Be Self Conscious about during Sex ...


10 Things You Absolutely Should Not Be Self Conscious about during Sex ...
10 Things You Absolutely Should Not Be Self Conscious about during Sex ...

You're a beautiful woman, which is why you shouldn't feel self-conscious in the bedroom. After all, sex is a time when you should be enjoying yourself, not stressing yourself out. In order to get the most out of your bedroom experience, here are a few things that you shouldn't feel self-conscious about during sex:

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How Long It Takes You to Orgasm

How Long It Takes You to Orgasm It takes longer for women to orgasm than it takes men, so don't feel bad if the minutes are flying by. Your boyfriend should understand. Besides, if you're focused on the clock, then you're going to stress yourself out. That means you'll never finish, because the only way you'll orgasm is if you're completely relaxed.


Remember, sweetie, pleasure isn't a race. Everyone's body is different, and for some, the journey to orgasm is like a delicious, slow burn. The key is to savor the sensations and communicate with your partner—guide them to what feels good without feeling the urge to rush. Embrace the unique rhythm you and your partner create, and let go of any performance pressure. After all, sex is meant to be fun, a chance to explore and enjoy each other's bodies, not a timed event. So breathe, relax, and let the good times roll at your own pace.


How Long It Takes Him to Orgasm

How Long It Takes Him to Orgasm Even though you've been led to believe that all men orgasm quickly, it isn't exactly the truth. Each man is different. That's why you shouldn't feel bad if it's taking him a while to finish. It doesn't mean that you're unattractive or that you're unskilled. It just means that his body needs a little more stimulation than other men do.


The duration of a man's orgasm can also depend on a multitude of factors, including stress levels, physical condition, and even the amount of sexual activity he has had recently. Remember, it's not a race! The focus should be on mutual satisfaction and enjoyment, and there's no set timer dictating when either of you should reach climax. So relax, go with the flow, and concentrate on the moment, rather than fixating on an orgasmic deadline.


How Much Hair You Have on Your Body

How Much Hair You Have on Your Body Every woman has hair. Your man knows that. If you miss a spot shaving, don't feel self-conscious about it. In fact, you don't even have to shave at all! It takes a lot of time to cover the skin on your legs, under your arms, and around your bikini area. If you don't want to shave a spot, then you don't have to. There's no rule that says you have to be hairless.


How Big Your Breasts Are

How Big Your Breasts Are Your boyfriend is going to be thrilled to have a naked woman on his lap. He won't care if your breasts are double Ds or if you're flat chested. The only thing he'll care about is touching them, so don't be embarrassed over your body. He loves every inch of it.


Breast size varieties are simply another spice in the intimacy mix. Whether they're perky, soft, large, or small, they all have their unique allure. What matters most is your confidence and how you employ your feminine wiles. Your chest is a treasure regardless of its size, and it's all about how you and your partner appreciate and explore that part of you. The focus should be on the connection and pleasure you both share – so rock what you've got with pride!


If Your Tummy Has Rolls

If Your Tummy Has Rolls A good guy won't care about how much you weigh. Besides, even if you're tiny, it'll look like you have rolls in your stomach when you sit in certain positions. That's just the way that our bodies work. So don't feel the need to turn off the lights, so that your boyfriend can't get a good look at your body. He wants to see you.


What You Smell or Taste like down There

What You Smell or Taste like down There Your vagina is perfectly normal. You shouldn't worry about what it looks like or smells like, because no two vaginas are the same. As long as your gynecologist tells you that everything is running smoothly down there, then there's nothing more you can do. Just enjoy the feel of your boyfriend's body instead of worrying about what he's touching and tasting when he's in between your legs.


If Your Hair Gets Messed up

If Your Hair Gets Messed up You should expect to ruin your hairstyle during sex. You're not a doll. It's impossible to keep every hair in place. Your makeup will probably get messed up, too, but that's nothing to worry about. If everything stayed in place, then the sex must not have been all that great.


When your hair becomes a wild tousle, remember that it's a natural part of the passionate experience. Embrace the disarray as a badge of a good time. Afterwards, you can always share a laugh and a sweet moment fixing each other's locks. Plus, let's be honest, that just-out-of-bed look can be incredibly sexy. Your partner is likely more enamored with the intimacy shared than any temporary cosmetic imperfection. So let loose and enjoy the moment—you can always reset with a hairbrush later.


Your Fantasies/kinks

human action, person, woman, mouth, muscle, Many times, we're too shy to tell our partners what we really want to try or experience in bed. But why should we be? You're hot-blooded and young, experience any and everything because you're a sexual and fantastic being.



human action, black, black and white, person, human positions, Toys are fun - there is no denying that. And so often, women are made to feel bad about the fact that they masturbate whereas it's seen as 'no big deal' for men. The stigma needs to go away and you should go to town with whatever toy you choose, with or without your partner!


Being Vocal

black, black and white, photography, monochrome photography, muscle, Sometimes, we feel cringe-worthy to dirty talk. But trust me, he's not going to be laughing at you - he'll absolutely love it. Give it a go!

You're beautiful, inside and out, so you have nothing to worry about in the bedroom. Do you ever feel self-conscious during sex?

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Definitely... It's so hard to just reveal myself physically to him... It's so bad that I don't let him go down on me...

Confidence is key &if; you're boyfriend loves you, all the flaws you think you have wont bother him one bitt ! &thats; a fact. Just remember we are our hardest critic... So just relax Girl :)

My boyfriend does not always have an orgasm, He enjoys when I go down on him, and I try to have him ejaculate but get very tired and stop. I often feel that I've disappointed him. It's always in the back of me mind when we start making love

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