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The Answers to the Most Googled Sex Questions ...

By Holly

You should never be afraid to ask questions, especially when it comes to sex. The more you know, the better. According to Teen Vogue, these are the most googled sex questions of the year:

1 What is Sex?

What is Sex? Some people will say that sex takes place when two sets of genitals meet. Of course, sex can be a lot more than that. Oral (using your mouth) and manual (using your hands) should be considered sex as well.

2 Why Does It Hurt when I Have Sex?

Why Does It Hurt when I Have Sex? Sex should never hurt. If it does, you probably aren't aroused enough. If that isn't the problem, then you should take a trip to your doctor, because you could have another health issue.


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3 What Does Sex Feel like?

What Does Sex Feel like? Sex can feel different every single time you have it. "Best-case, the pleasurable sensations flood not just your genitals but your whole body, making you feel increasingly erotic and aroused, often to the point of having an orgasm."

4 How Can I Have a Sex Dream?"

How Can I Have a Sex Dream?" You can't force yourself to have a sex dream. Of course, since you tend to dream about the things that are on your mind, you'll increase your chances of having a sexy dream if you think of a sexy man all day long.

5 How do I Kiss?

How do I Kiss? It's simple. Lean your head in, tilt it, and press your lips together! That's all it takes.

6 How Long Does Sex Last?

How Long Does Sex Last? The average length of sex lasts around seven minutes. Of course, it can last a whole lot longer than that, and it could last a lot shorter than that. It all depends on how much energy you two have, how old you are, and how quickly you tend to climax.

7 How Many Calories do You Burn during Sex?

How Many Calories do You Burn during Sex? This depends on how long sex lasts and how much work you're actually doing. "If you are drenched in sweat and totally exhausted after an hour of sex you could assume you have burned the calorie equivalent of an hour of Zumba or kickboxing."

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