The Sweetest Thing Your Zodiac Says You Want to Hear ...


The Sweetest Thing Your Zodiac Says You Want to Hear ...
The Sweetest Thing Your Zodiac Says You Want to Hear ...

When it comes to love and romance, we all need something a little different to make us melt. Did you know that your star sign might hold a clue to what you want to hear? It's true! Here's the key to unlocking your heart, based on the zodiac.

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face, human action, nose, person, chin, Your idea partner will be someone who admires your optimism and overall enthusiasm, so how to win your heart? It's best for someone to get straight to the point and tell you how much they admire your bright outlook.



face, black and white, person, nose, darkness, We Taurus girls are hopeless romantics, so the best way to sweep us off our feet is to say something, anything romantic... and since we tend to also have trust issues, promise us loyalty, too.



screenshot, you, need, hear, why, When they're in love, Geminis are affectionate, but a little insecure. So you'll want to hear something sweet, with some loving reassurances thrown in for good measure.



hair, person, facial hair, profession, official, Cancers can be very emotional, and maybe a little dramatic, too. That's why Cancer girls probably want to hear how wonderful they are in straightforward, superlative terms.



human action, eating, meal, marriage, interaction, Leos are already confident and secure, so they don't necessarily NEED to hear anything! But if he really wants to make you feel good, he'll just tell you how fun you are to be around. It's true!



person, speech, screenshot, official, Let's, If you're a Virgo, you tend to be analytical and practical, so sometimes, being reminded that it's okay to be spontaneous, fun, and romantic is a very good thing.



black and white, person, monochrome photography, film noir, You're, Libras are nurturers, taking care of everyone they love, sometimes at their own expense. That's why sometimes you might want to hear how compassionate and kind and loving you are... and how he's worried you're not taking enough care of you.



screenshot, fictional character, will, always, love, If you're a Scorpio, you're brave and confident, but... you might still want to hear about how deeply and passionately loved you are.



human action, black and white, black, person, image, A Sagittarius girl in honest and optimistic, right? So you'll likely appreciate hearing how loved and valued you are... and how excited he is about all the possibilities the future holds for the two of you.



hair, person, hairstyle, interaction, CORNELIAPORNELIA, As ambitious as you are, sweet Capricorn, you can also be a little insecure, so it's helpful and so romantic when someone tells you how much they value you, how much they adore you, how they're in it for the long haul.



brand, speech, ME,, YOU, ARE, You're so original, it's going to take some doing for your partner to come up with the perfect way to win your heart. He'd better be at least a little creative!



photograph, image, person, photography, romance, A Pisces is all about the romance, so really, your sweetheart just has to lay it on thick once in a while, and you'll be happy.

So... was this spot on? Do you think your star sign's suggestion was right, or was it way off?

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