This is Why His Zodiac Sign Made Him a Shitty Boyfriend ...

By Melly

Listen, you could be living in total bliss with the man who you want to spend the rest of your life with, but every now and then, he’s going to be a total idiot! We all have our ups and downs, and it might not always be something that is worth breaking up over, but there are definitely times in a relationship when your boyfriend basically turns in to a different, shitty person! And then, of course, there are the times when something so bad happens that the relationship ends completely. If you’re looking for a reason, I think it can be found in the world of astrology. Here is what made him a shitty boyfriend according to his zodiac sign!

1 Aries

He always carried that air of superiority when he was around you, as if he was just naturally a better person even though there was absolutely nothing to back up that attitude.

2 Taurus

He never really let you in to see the real him. He was always super guarded and this lead to him never being able to give you the sort of emotional connection that you craved.

3 Gemini

He had what I like to call shiny object syndrome. His head was always getting turned by what he perceived to be a bigger or brighter thing, even when that wasn’t even the case!

4 Cancer

His mood swings were just too much for you to handle. One day he was on top of the world, then the next day he was starting a row with you for nothing at all.

5 Leo

He always needed attention to validate his insecurities, and when you were too busy to give it to him, he would turn to other girls and flirt with them in order to feel satisfied.

6 Virgo

He was a perfectionist, but that branched over into being hypercritical of you whenever you did something even slightly wrong.

7 Libra

He was a person who could be very easily distracted, which meant that he was never able to really focus on you when you needed him to be your support system.

8 Scorpio

To put it plainly, he just wasn’t a very good person! He was selfish and he never really bothered to get involved with any of your friends, family or interests.

9 Sagittarius

He was completely unable to ever take anything seriously, and whilst this is fine when you are having fun, it turned into a real problem when the situation called for a little more maturity.

10 Capricorn

He had problems with expressing his emotions which often lead to him coming across as cold and unsympathetic. He was extremely hard to relate to.

11 Aquarius

He had a big heart but there was always just something that prevented him from really opening up to you and laying it all out there. He always stayed very guarded and never let you in.

12 Pisces

Basically, he took for granted. Treated you like garbage when you were actually together and only realised how much you meant to him once you were gone. Sorry dude, too late!

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