How to Be More Front with Your Feelings for Girls Who Always Hide Them ...


It doesn't matter if you're itching to tell your crush that you like him, or if you're worried about telling your friend that they pissed you off. No matter what emotion you're feeling, you can learn how to express them without sounding rude or feeling embarrassed. If you've always had trouble voicing your emotions, here are a few tricks to being more forward about your feelings:

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Write down Your Feelings First

Before you can tell someone else how you're feeling, you need to figure it out for yourself. Otherwise, you won't be able to articulate it properly and will just end up trailing off or repeating yourself. That's why you should take a clean sheet of paper or open up a word document on your computer to jot down your emotions. Try to figure out exactly what you're feeling and why you're feeling it. Then you can approach your friend, family member, neighbor, boss, or whomever it is that you need to chat with.


Get the Person Alone

You wouldn't break up with your boyfriend in front of a room of people, and you shouldn't talk to your boss about getting a raise in front of a room of people, either. If you have something to say, pull the other person aside to chat with them one-on-one. That way, no one else will be able to speak for them or stick up for them, so there's no chance of you getting ganged up on.


Use Your Body Language

If your friend is mean to you, but you're too shy to tell them that you're upset about their behavior, you can use your body language to express your feelings. If they realize that you're suddenly facing away from them, avoiding eye contact, or snarling, then they should get the picture.


Say It through Texts

Technology shouldn't replace face-to-face communication. However, if you're unable to speak your mind in person, you should do it over the phone to avoid getting walked over. Once you become comfortable expressing your emotions through text, then you can move on to expressing them over Skype, and eventually in person.


Trust the Person You're Speaking to

If you just want to rant to someone about your life, you need to pick the right person to talk to. It's much easier to talk to a person about your feelings when you trust them. That's why the first people you should run to to talk about your emotions are your close friends, parents, and partners.


Don't Make Accusations

Expressing your feelings is a lot easier when you know the other person won't flip out. That's why you should be careful with what words you use when confronting someone. Instead of telling your boyfriend that he better not flirt with your BFF ever again, you should say that you felt hurt when you saw the way he was interacting with her. You'll get the same point across, but you'll sound a little less judgmental, which should make him more open to hearing you out.


Realize What It Does

When you discover all of the benefits of expressing your emotions, you'll feel more comfortable doing it. By telling others what's on your mind, you'll get your way more often, because others will actually know what you want from them. You'll also feel like a burden is lifted from your shoulders, because it's unhealthy to keep everything bottled up inside.

You should never be afraid to talk about your emotions. What other tips do you have for ladies who want to be more open about their emotions?

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