This Is The Kind of Man You're Going to Marry According to Your Zodiac Sign ...


This Is The Kind of Man You're Going to Marry According to Your Zodiac Sign ...
This Is The Kind of Man You're Going to Marry According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

Many women grow up dreaming of their wedding day. We plan the dress, we have a preferred type of venue, we know exactly how many bridesmaids we want and we may even have a theme. We might know all this before we have even thought about the kind of man we want to marry. Some say meeting your man is kismet, others think it’s pure chance, others might believe it’s written in the stars. If you trust in your zodiac, this is the kind of man your star sign predicts is your Mr. Right.

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Aquarius ‌‌♒‌ ‌– an Honest Idealist

Your future husband will be exciting, slightly unconventional, perhaps a little bit unpredictable, but he will always see the positive in a situation and seek to make even the most mundane activities full of fun and frolic.


Pisces ♓ – Somebody in Need of Saving

This isn’t as dramatic as it sounds! Pisces’ have a soft spot for dreamers, romantics and artists, so your future husband may well be a sensitive soul who is looking for somebody who can be a partner for life and balance out his more sensitive personality.


Aries ♈ – a Real Life Action Man

You need somebody who is going to be able to match you toe to toe in your everyday exciting life. You have a huge sense of adventure and your husband needs to have this too to make it work. He’ll be an athletic, strong type of guy, ready for any challenge you throw his way; not one to sit idle for too long and always looking for the next big adventure!


Taurus♉ – Appetite in All Areas of Life

Any Taurus needs to marry a man who has an incredible lust for life in all of its many elements, from food to adventure to his love for you. He will be somewhat dominant but in exactly the way that you have been craving in a partner, he’ll make you feel safe and will always be there for you.


Gemini ♊ – a Way with Words

For a Gemini, the main bullet point on the husband checklist is somebody who can match you brain cell for brain cell in the intelligence stakes. Good conversation is what makes you tick, and your husband will be able to keep you entertained from morning till night with his sharp wit and extensive knowledge.

Famous Quotes

Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.

Bruce Lee

Cancer ‌‌♋‌ ‌– a Comfortable Home Maker

A sensitive and understanding man is what you are looking for, and your husband will be all of these things and more. Cancers tend to marry men slightly older than them, as it provides them with that feeling of safety and comfort that they crave, along with emotional and financial security.


Leo ‌‌♌‌ ‌– It’s All about the Charisma

Leos like to be the star of the show, but you are going to need a husband who is just as charismatic to stay on your level! Together the two of you will be the ‘it’ couple at every function. He will be charming and handsome but equally affectionate and generous with you and your loved ones.


Virgo ♍ – a Real Stand up Guy

What a Virgo needs is somebody who can inject a little humor and creativity in to what tends to be a rather analytical lifestyle. He will be very intelligent but he will also just be an all-around nice guy, eager to make you laugh and provide you with everything you have ever wanted.


Libra ♎ – the Life of the Party

Libras are attracted to big, vibrant personalities, and it is very likely that your husband will be the life and soul of every party you attend together. He will be outspoken, outgoing and fun, but most importantly you will be the most important thing in his life.


Scorpio ‌‌♏‌ ‌– a Man of Mystery

Scorpios have a thing for intense and mysterious men, perhaps a little dangerous even. Your future husband will be somebody who you have a really intense chemistry with, somebody who you can have a really in-depth conversation with, but also somebody who you will never truly understand.


Sagittarius ♐ – a World Traveler

A Sagittarius needs somebody that can share in their wanderlust, travelling from one place in the world to another on a whim. Your husband will be honest, spiritual and possess a great sense of humor, the perfect companion for a round the world trip.


Capricorn ♑ – Somebody with Ambition

Age ain’t nothing but a number for a Capricorn, so your husband could be a sugar daddy or a toy boy, so long as you truly love each other! You are attracted to men who set big goals for themselves, and your husband will be full of motivation to achieve everything he can.

Do you think your star sign has got it right for you?

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