7 Relationship Rules πŸ“š for Girls Wanting to Avoid Arguments πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌ with Their Man ...


Arguments aren’t fun for anyone. Why waste hours or possibly even days arguing over things? Yes, conflict is an unavoidable part of being in a relationship. But you can address conflicts without allowing yourselves to be pulled into nasty arguments that leave you both hurt and angry. These relationship rules can help you learn a whole new way of relating to each other, one that’s much more pleasant.

1. Decide What Issues Are Worth Addressing

Not every issue is worth addressing. A lot of things actually aren’t. Some things have to be dealt with, but the key is to think it through before you bring it up with your partner. Ask yourself if this issue matters to your relationship or if it’s a simple aggravation. Learning to pick your battles is an important relationship skill.

Examine Your Circumstances First


This is awesome. We made a bet so whoever starts an argument owes the other cold cash πŸ’°
I can't share any articles link to facebook when I hit the share button.
I get annoyed with bringing up the past and I feel like it comes up when a story is told. He had this ex that was a cheater and it seems like he came to hate her but always it's minor things like oh o...
Very good one.
Focus on all amazing traits :) I totally agree with this. It really works..
Really good article!
Also, I don't think I could focus on the amazing traits of my partner during an argument... It's just not possible! I would want to sort out the issue first
peony blue
Why would I want to avoid an arguments. I would have thought that is how you got to know each other of course I am not talking about excessive arguments but avoiding such stuff is futile. Sometimes ar...
i seriously needed this article
Usually my arguments are about something that he does that annoys me but i know that it could be much worse so i dont make a huge deal about it
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