9 Things a Guy May Want from You ...


What do guys want? If you're into guys, you've probably been wondering that since you first discovered boys had some purpose other than farting and pulling hair. Men are just as mysterious as women when they want to be, because here's the thing – sex isn't all they're after, and it's a disservice to think so. But what's all the other stuff they want? Well, for starters, here some of the things a guy may want from you, things that aren't sexual in nature.

1. Admiration

One thing a guy may want from you is a little admiration. You know how you like it when your boyfriend notices a new haircut or see that you've lost weight? That's all he wants too – even if you have to exaggerate a little bit. There might be a few cans missing from his six-pack, sure, but you can still let him know you like it!

A Little Flirtation
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