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4 Things Boys like in Girls - Myths and Reality ...

By Sara

We, girls, try to be our best at everything... from shoes and dresses to make-up and the way we carry ourselves to just impress someone and that someone is usually a boy.

Have you ever thought that, perhaps, some of your assumptions about what boys actually like might be wrong?

Actually, there is a number of things that we consider attractive, but boys don't. And I am going to give you a hand if you are a little confused. (All this information was gathered from magazines and youtube videos, so do take this seriously).

For instance, there are many women, who believe that they must ignore the guy to get him to like them. And many girls end up using this false tactic.

In reality, if you really like someone you should try your best to win them over, because ignoring boys will actually lead them to believe that you are not interested. How is that for an opposite effect? Want to more about what boys actually like? Read on!

1 Do NOT over-do with YOUR MAKE-up

Of course make-up has become an essential part of all of us, but using too much make-up might not be as attractive as we think. If a boy likes you he will have no problem loving you with or without make-up. Using too much make-up, however, might let them think that you are a kind of a "too much" person when they first meet you. There are girls that use glitter in their make-up which I guarantee won't be as attractive to the guys.


We think that long nails are really beautiful, but I recommend a more natural look with nails that aren't too long. Of course, if you take care of your nails, you can keep them as long as you want, but be careful, because if you are growing them to be too long, it won't be attractive to boys or anyone else for that matter.


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Of course the perfect body is key to how boys look at you. Or so you've been lead to believe. You should have a good diet and go to the gym regularly if you want a body that the boys will love. Or you can even download apps that will help you do exercises at home.


You have to know that there is no better make-up in the world than your smile! You have to be yourself, be who you are and who you love to be because if you want a guy to be you soul mate you will have to let him meet the real you first.

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