15 Things Our Boyfriends do That Make Us Jealous like Crazy ...


15 Things Our Boyfriends do That Make Us Jealous like Crazy ...
15 Things Our Boyfriends do That Make Us Jealous like Crazy ...

There are so many things our boyfriends do that make us jealous. Even though they may do without consciously knowing the effect it has, it still hurts. It is probably completely harmless, yet somehow, we can’t just stop wondering. Some of us find it really hard to keep the green-eyed monster under control. These are the things our boyfriends do that make us jealous that we should learn to understand are completely within the realms of normal and acceptable behavior in a relationship.

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Getting Texts from Girls

beauty, black hair, socialite, girl, long hair, When you are together and notice that he has received a text from someone with a female or female sounding name, you may freak out. Who is she? You know his sister’s name and that’s definitely not it!


Raving about a Female Friend

hair, human hair color, blond, head, beauty, Cool we get it, he’s got a female friend who is awesome and has an awesome job and does all this awesome stuff. But does he really have to talk about her 24/7? What about the amazing girl he’s got right in front of him?!


Being Too Excited about Time Apart

beauty, black hair, girl, brown hair, long hair, We know it’s great when he has arranged a night or weekend away with the boys, but he doesn’t have to go overboard and make it seem like it’s the only thing that is keeping him going.


Labeling Another Girl Cool

facial expression, eyebrow, chin, beauty, hairstyle, Even if he doesn’t mean it that way, calling another girl cool in front of us only serves to make us wonder what she is or isn’t doing to keep the cool label away from herself. Does he like the cool girl more than his own girlfriend?


Ignoring Texts and Calls

human hair color, blond, long hair, mouth, brown hair, We accept that people aren’t always available to pick up the phone, but a quick text explaining that he’s in a meeting or something can save a world of jealousy from building up on the other end of the phone!


Being Touchy Feely with Other Girls

human hair color, girl, blond, long hair, brown hair, Even if he doesn’t mean it in a sexual or flirty way, being too touchy feely with female friends and hugging them for just that second too long can really set alarm bells going in our heads.


Spending Time with an Ex

human hair color, blond, girl, chin, cheek, We don’t care how cool she is now that he doesn’t have the pressure of dating her, as far as a new girlfriend is concerned, all ex activities should be left in the past unless he has the responsibility of sharing a child!


Befriending the Hot Girl at Work

glasses, vision care, eyewear, girl, professional, Look, we’re sure that Becky in the office is the kindest, sweetest colleague in the world, but as far as a girlfriend on the outside is concerned, that is a major red flag. We think he should just remember where his priorities are at!


Paying for Becky’s Lunch

black and white, album cover, monochrome photography, photography, monochrome, And speaking of Becky the cute co-worker, don’t even think about treating her to a canteen lunch; he should be saving every spare penny he has have to treat the girl who is waiting for him to get home!


Prioritizing Family

photograph, black, person, black and white, beauty, All I’m saying is that if he is buying his sister more extravagant Christmas and birthday presents than the ones he is buying for me, his girlfriend, then there might a bit of a problem.


Breaking Social Media Boundaries

professional, socialite, girl, entrepreneur, Some guys think that flirting over things like Facebook and Twitter doesn’t really count as any form of cheating, but I’m here to tell him that it absolutely does!


Over Praising a Girl

human hair color, girl, black hair, hairstyle, long hair, All girls like to see their boyfriend being a true gentleman around others, but when he starts paying a little too much attention to a particular person, then it might be time to try to rein him in!


Being Overly Chivalrous

human hair color, girl, blond, red hair, long hair, At one point, your boyfriend’s chivalry towards other women stops being impressive and starts to seem like he’s putting himself there to be admired by people that he might be interested in. That’s not cool!


Spends Too Much Time Away

human hair color, nose, girl, black hair, long hair, We like that boyfriends have extra curricular interests with their pals, but when the balance of time spent starts to sway in the opposite direction, it can be grounds for jealous behavior.


Going out with Girls

black and white, human hair color, beauty, photography, monochrome photography, We feel fine when he’s going out with a group of guy friends, but we can’t help but feel a little jealous when girls are also in the group and we aren’t going to be going to keep an eye out!

It’s really important to keep all these things in perspective if you want a happy, healthy relationship built on trust and respect. If any of these bother you, let him know and why, but don’t be confrontational about it. And be fair, and ask him if there are things you do that make him jealous.

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