9 Cute but Cheesy Things Girls Want in a Relationship ...


9 Cute but Cheesy  Things Girls Want in a Relationship ...
9 Cute but Cheesy  Things Girls Want in a Relationship ...

The main things girls want in a relationship are pretty similar for all of us: caring, fidelity, honesty and fun. You might find these things cheesy, but these are all basics of what makes a strong and healthy relationship. Besides that, there are some other cute things your boyfriend does that will cement your bond and help you decide he's "The One."

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A Fort to Binge-watch Netflix in Together

girl, fun, electronic device,


Couple Tattoos

emotion, girl, shoulder, smile, arm,


Cooking or Baking Together Regularly

cuisine, food, event, girl, product,


Matching Lock Screen Photos

beauty, girl, smile, fun, black hair,


Spontaneous Nerf Gun Battles

fashion, girl, long hair, product,


Wearing Matching T-shirts

pink, purple, fun, girl, smile,


Post-it Love Notes

finger, hand, nail, font, writing,


Dancing, Even when There’s No Music

photograph, black and white, monochrome photography, photography, snapshot,


Matching Jerseys

football player, player, team sport, soccer player, sports,

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