9 Cute but Cheesy Things Girls Want in a Relationship ...

By TeeJay

The main things girls want in a relationship are pretty similar for all of us: caring, fidelity, honesty and fun. You might find these things cheesy, but these are all basics of what makes a strong and healthy relationship. Besides that, there are some other cute things your boyfriend does that will cement your bond and help you decide he's "The One."

1 A Fort to Binge-watch Netflix in Together

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2 Couple Tattoos

emotion, girl, shoulder, smile, arm,

3 Cooking or Baking Together Regularly

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4 Matching Lock Screen Photos

beauty, girl, smile, fun, black hair,

5 Spontaneous Nerf Gun Battles

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6 Wearing Matching T-shirts

pink, purple, fun, girl, smile,

7 Post-it Love Notes

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8 Dancing, Even when There’s No Music

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9 Matching Jerseys

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