10 Things Happy Couples Say to Each Other All the Time ...


10 Things Happy Couples Say to Each Other All the Time ...
10 Things Happy Couples Say to Each Other All the Time ...

People often talk about the fact that truly happy couples say more with their actions than with their words, and whilst that is probably true, there is no doubting that words do matter too! In fact, if you were to study a couple in love, you could probably identify a solid set of words and phrases that they say to one another that clearly showcase how happy they are. Here are 10 things happy couples say to each other all the time.

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Can I Help You?

Couples in love are always eager to lend a hand whenever they think it might be needed. It’s a very loving and caring gesture to offer your services without having to be asked by the person first.


I’m Here for You

Sometimes, it isn’t the actual offer of help that is needed, but more just the assurance from one partner to another that they are there for them should they ever need anything. Letting someone know that you are there for them no matter what is amazingly reassuring.


I Have Faith in You

Knowing that somebody trusts you and has faith in your process is the best thing in the world. It shows that they aren’t trying to manipulate you or guide in their own direction, but are just happy to leave you to your own choices and devices.


You Look Amazing

Couples in love never tire of seeing each other, and compliments like ‘you look amazing’ should never be taken for granted or stopped! If you are head over heels in love with someone, then you will feel compelled to tell them that they look amazing all the time time, no matter the occasion!


I’m Sorry

You must never be too proud or embarrassed to tell them that you are sorry, especially if you were clearly in the wrong about something. Sometimes, happy love means saying you’re sorry even when something might not have fully been your fault!


Thank You

Never take the actions and kindnesses of your partner for granted. It is always necessary to say thank you to them in a variety of situation. Closeness can sometimes breed complacency, but happy couples never forget to continue to thank each other regularly.


I Would like It if…

Your conversations should never revolve around one of your laying out the law for the other to follow; it should always be a suggestion that then has the opportunity to be discussed. You shouldn’t expect your partner to read your mind either, so always articulate what you would like!



Try not to get into the habit of saying no more than you say yes. Saying yes means that you still have a positive and open attitude in your relationship.


You’re Right

Always make sure to affirm the feelings of your partner when they come to you for encouragement and comfort. Everybody loves to be told that they are right when they are right!


I Feel...

Happy couples stay that way because they are not afraid to share their feelings with one another. If you let things build up and go unspoken, they will nearly always come to a head in a negative way.

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