15 Key Facts to Being in a Happy Relationship ...


15 Key Facts to Being in a Happy Relationship ...
15 Key Facts to Being in a Happy Relationship ...

Not all relationships in the world are messed up, not all of them are dysfunctional and that is what we tend to focus on; but what about a happy relationship? Is there such a thing as a completely and utterly happy relationship? You might not know what you are looking for if you are in one, but don't worry, I've got you covered! While every relationship is different in its own way, these are just the foundations that every happy relationship has. Take a look!

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The biggest key to being and knowing you are in a happy relationship is that you know how communicate with one another! Lyndsie and I might have our problems with communication sometimes, but we know how to communicate with each other most of the time. If we didn't, we would be so unhappy and we'd never, ever be able to resolve anything! Communication is knowing how the other person is going to react and really understanding them.



Sex is another aspect of a relationship that is very, very important and one that is a key to a happy relationship. If you are in a relationship that has a huge lack of sex, there could be something wrong – or maybe you just aren't sexual people. Take a deeper look into this key fact and see how it relates to your relationship!



A deep and unwavering respect for your partner is one of the surefire foundations of a relationship that is happy. If you can't respect your partner, why are you with them? You've got to have some level of respect, some level of care and a high opinion of your partner to truly be with them.



What goes hand in hand with respect? Understanding. You've got to be able to understand your partner, understand their moods, get their reactions and really know where they are coming from, otherwise it is going to be a hard, hard relationship that you're in.



This isn't the fake polite that you pull when you are in front of business associates. Instead, you want to have manners when dealing with your partner. You can still be yourself, still feel super comfortable, but there should be politeness in your relationship – that's a key to a happy relationship.


Fair Fighting

Oh, fair fighting is a huge one! If you want a relationship that is happy, you aren't going to want to name call or really hit below the belt with some of the comments you make. Instead, fight fair, fight politely and fight like you still care about each other. I know that it's hard sometimes, but it's worth it.


Little Things Matter

Don't forget about the little things and don't forget to tell each other how much you love each other. Every night, before I go to sleep, I kiss Lyndsie and tell her good night and every night before she goes to sleep (because it's usually later than me), she hugs me and brushes my hair back. I love the little things.


Taking Interest

One important tip for keeping your relationship the best it can be is to take interest in the other person's hobbies, interests, desires and goals. Even if you don't agree with them 100%, understand them, or find them very exciting, this is a fantastic tip for anyone looking to enhance a relationship. Taking interest in another person's values and interests not only opens you up to new experiences, but gives you more things to talk about with that person. It also shows them that you care and want to be a part of all aspects of their life.


Say No to Secrets

Secrets will ruin a relationship faster almost more than anything else. Don't keep them, and don't allow them to ruin a happy relationship. Even if something is hard for you to talk about with your partner, do it. Keeping secrets will almost always turn out badly. You'll instinctively migrate away from them, even if in small ways, out of guilt for the secret, or because you've got to work harder to cover it up. Be honest and open with anyone you're looking to maintain a good relationship with.


Take New Adventures Together

Being in a relationship is about trying new things together. It's about trying new experiences, going new places, eating new things, and seeing new things together. This bond of unity when trying new things gives both of you a new attachment to each other. Experiencing life with others is the only way to build intimacy and a happier relationship.


Take Time Away from Work

In today's socially-concious world, it can be easy to try to maintain a status and forget that work and money isn't what relationships are made of. Be sure you take enough time away from work to experience life with your significant other. Finding quality time for each other is so important.


Ask Questions

One thing I've learned is important in relationships is to ask questions and listen to someone instead of doing all the talking. By doing this, you're showing interest in the other person. Ask them what they did that day, how things are going for them at work, what kinds of things they enjoy, etc. Just little things here and there; no need to give them a test! Just act engaged and listen more than you talk. Asking questions can be a good way to start a conversation and open the other person up.


Accept Arguments

Not one single relationship out there is immune to arguments. Remember this is important because it is key for overcoming those difficulties we all have when conflicts arise. Arguments are no fun, but they can help us come to a new level of understanding with someone by working through the issues. No relationship is rainbows and sunshine all the time. Accepting that arguments will come will help you realize relationships take work, and you'll be closer for it. Just remember to argue smart - no leaving the room or saying things you don't mean. Argue like a calm adult, not a 5 year old.


Remember Their Favorite Things

If the little things in life are what make it awesome as mentioned above, be sure you do more "little things" here and there for your mate, starting with their favorite things. Leave them their favorite flavor muffin with their coffee in the morning, buy them a new book by their favorite author, bring their favorite treat to work sometime, cook their favorite meal, etc. Remembering someone's favorite things shows them you care and that you took time to not only remember their favorite thing, but treat them with it!


Be Positive

Nothing makes a relationship happier than two positive people. When you're positive about life's ups and downs, even if you're sad, you'll get through it stronger and happier together. Put a positive spin on anything you can! It might not be easy, but it will make you a better person, happier individual, and a better partner. Just make sure you get your partner to join in, because a one way street doesn't work with being positive for long. It takes two people to make a happy couple.

Now that you know all of the keys to a relationship that is super happy, are you in a happy relationship? Are you in a relationship that has no problems at all? Share your relationship with me!

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I believer in if u love someone u can work on anything together

I love the little things too(: very important indeed.

I thought I'd be the only one who'd know the names of the models in the picture! kdrama!!

Right now i am in a position where i am wanting to share some thing with my partner but right now i have to keep it a secret because starting a business isn't easy and if it takes off that things can get better for us financially. Is it ok to tell him after I create the business and make the income?

Love this 💗 me and my bf have been together for almost 4 years. And i know it’s not a long time to be together but this article just helped me realize we have a very good and healthy and happy relationship. Love love it !

I moved to America to be with husband but realize I can't bridge the gap between my children Daughter 21 and son 24 , my husband won't move because this is his home town .. I'm a mom .. It doesn't feel like I have a choice but to go to my kids now ... I made mistake and feel I have to fix it .. Should he follow ? Or keep his job and lifestyle... here Any comments most welcome

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