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7 Things His Staring Could Mean ...

By Holly

Don't be embarrassed when a boy stares at you, because there are a few different things it could mean. It might be hard for him to look away, because he finds you beautiful. Of course, he might be staring for a negative reason. It can be hard to tell. However, if a certain someone won't stop looking at you, here are a few different things that his staring could mean:

1 He Has a Crush on You

He Has a Crush on You If you only catch him staring once, there are plenty of things it could mean. But if you catch him staring at you every single day with a goofy look on his face, it means he likes you. Don't be afraid to meet his eyes and smile. It'll encourage him to finally make a move and ask out on a romantic date.

2 You Have Something in Your Teeth

You Have Something in Your Teeth Don't get too cocky and assume that he's staring, because you're beautiful. Even though you're a catch, he might be looking at you, because you have something in your teeth, or because your tag is sticking out of your shirt. It's his way of telling you that something is off.

3 His Friend Likes You

His Friend Likes You Don't you want your bestie to end up with a great guy? Well, men feel the same way about their buddies. If a boy knows that his best friend likes you, then he might stare at you in order to see if you're good enough for that friend. He's just doing his research, so that he can report back to his bestie.

4 He Thinks You’re Hot

He Thinks You’re Hot If a man is staring, he doesn't necessarily want to date you. He might just be thinking about sleeping with you. He probably won't be able to tell that the look is creeping you out, because he'll be too caught up in his fantasy about grabbing you by the waist and pulling you in for a passionate kiss.

5 He’s Wondering What You’re Doing

He’s Wondering What You’re Doing Haven't you ever been sitting in class, wondering what the hell the person next to you was eating? Well, if you're eating a snack, reading a book, or playing a game on your phone, he might be staring to try to figure out exactly what you're doing. It doesn't mean anything. He's just curious.

6 His Zoned out and Not Realizing That He’s Staring

His Zoned out and Not Realizing That He’s Staring When you're bored, it's easy to forget where you are. He might be lost in a daydream about his girlfriend, and doesn't realize that his eyes are pointed in your direction. So don't be too freaked out if someone hasn't looked away from you in the last thirty minutes. He might not even realize you're there.

7 He's Trying to Figure out How He Knows You

He's Trying to Figure out How He Knows You If you see your crush from school at the store, he might stare in order to figure out where he knows you from. Your face looks familiar, but he isn't sure why that is, which is why he can't stop his staring. He's not trying to be rude. He's just trying to put a name to your face.

Staring can either be rude or flattering. It all depends on the individual situation. Are you trying to figure out what a certain man's staring means?

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