17 Things Men Will do 🤔 Only if They're Crazy 🙃 about You 💘 ...


How do you know if your man’s crazy about you? There’re certain things to watch for in your relationship and certain things he might do. If you see any of these then know that your man is crazy in love with you. It’s a beautiful thing to realize your relationship is amazing!

1. Hold Your Purse

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Let’s face it. Holding your purse isn’t on the list of things guys love to do. Yet they’ll do this gladly for a girl they’re crazy about. Whether you’re trying clothes on or dashing to tell a friend something, if your guy does this for you then realize how much it truly means. You’ve found someone who thinks you’re over-the-moon wonderful.

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These are so wrong omg
Lois Harach
I met my husband 23 and 1/2 years ago, in his antique store. When we started our relationship, he asked about me ex, then asked if I had a pic of the ex. Freaked out, YOU WERE MARRIED TO HIM?’ ‘Ye...
Lois Harach
I’ve been so blessed and fortunate to have my husband do all the things on the list. And, many, many more. Right now, he’s sleeping in a chair, with his feet up on my hospital bed, because one of the chambers in my left lung was 2/3’s full of fluid.
May god send to each of us as women these kind of men😉
I think some of these are unrealistic expectations
@Sevina- thank you! I hope when I get me some local friends, hopefully I'll find me my kind of man :) Or somewhere else :)
Doxie Mama
Oh hell yes. Only the good ones will hold the purse !!!
Sevina Pepsicola
I found mine through a friend I worked with once upon a time. He was trying to talk to me and one night he face timed me and he had this really handsome friend over who, afterwards, got my number and ...
To the girls who have a BF or married.. if you can kindly tell me Where can I find a man like this?
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