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7 Signs a Nice Guy is Actually Sexist in Disguise ...

By Holly

You don't want to date anyone who disrespects women. Of course, a guy's feelings are not always obvious. Sometimes, it's subtle. According to Gurl, here are some super small signs that a man is actually a sexist:

Table of contents:

  1. He says “you’re not like other girls."
  2. He puts down other girls to compliment you
  3. He hates your guy friends
  4. He has ideals about what “real men” and “real women” are based on outdated stereotypes
  5. He uses the words “pussy,” “bitch,” and “girl” as insults
  6. He mis-genders transgender and non-binary people
  7. He slut shames you

1 He Says “you’re Not like Other Girls."

What's wrong with other girls?

2 He Puts down Other Girls to Compliment You

He should be able to compliment you without insulting the other people around him.

3 He Hates Your Guy Friends

If he assumes every guy wants to hang out with you because they want to sleep with you, and not because they actually like your personality, he views women as sex objects.

4 He Has Ideals about What “real Men” and “real Women” Are Based on Outdated Stereotypes

It's the twenty-first century. He needs to get with the times.

5 He Uses the Words “pussy,” “bitch,” and “girl” as Insults

It shouldn't be an insult to be called a girl. It should be a compliment.

6 He Mis-genders Transgender and Non-binary People

This isn't just sexist. It's hateful, disrespectful, and ignorant.

7 He Slut Shames You

If you want to sleep around, you're allowed to do so. It's your body.

Do you know any men like this?

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