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7 Things Not to Talk about on a First Date ...

By Heather

For someone who used to find dating a breeze, I am finding as an adult it can get a little trickier, especially when figuring out things not to talk about on a first date. In high school, all I cared about was what I was wearing, and didn’t think twice about what I said on dates most of the time. Now that I’m a little older, I realize good conversation is key to a good date and absolutely crucial in getting a second date. Don’t worry so much about what you should say on a first date, but more about certain things not to talk about on a first date. Most of these are pretty obvious, and you should overall focus on being yourself. However, keep this handful of topics out of your date and you’re most likely to avoid controversy or offending someone. Oh, and picking out a cute outfit still doesn’t hurt either, ladies!

1 Your Political Stance

Politics are a general no-no topic when meeting anyone new, and it is definitely one of the top things not to talk about on a first date. If the guy brings it up, then feel free to discuss, but never bring it up yourself. Be warned that if he does bring it up, things can get overheated if you're on the other fence. If he is more interested in your political stance on a first date than you anyway, he may not be worth your time period. Unless you hold a government job where your job will most likely reveal your political stance, don’t bring it up. You’re not talking about marrying the guy right now, but you should be getting to know him more. A person’s political stance does not define them as a person.

2 Your Stance on Children

Alright, I understand when looking for a lifetime mate that children are one issue that has to be discussed, yet it is not first date material. Don’t bring up if you want 5 kids or tell him you prefer not to have any. Stay far away from this topic to avoid him running far, far away. Most men actually have their own preference as to how many children they want, but speaking about it on a first date may imply you’re rushing things and ready to settle down. Leave the imaginary kids out of the picture. That topic can come up later once he realizes how awesome you are.

3 Your Crazy Family

We’ve all got at least one in our family, right? Most of us have some member of our family who has done something less than optimal, or caused our life some kind of craziness. They may be your family and you may love them, but there’s no need to invite the topic of their chaos into your dinner conversation. Keep the conversation light, casual and fun, not about how your great aunt ruined last Christmas.

4 Your Diet

You may be into nutrition or be on a new diet, but please don’t tell your date. You don’t have to eat like garbage at dinner, and feel free to order something that adheres to your diet, but don’t advertise it. Men don’t like the idea of women who are always dieting. It implies a lack of self-confidence, restriction, that you're uptight, and is generally an overall turn off.

5 Your Timeline for Marriage

This topic is a big red flag, much like that of having children. Don’t tell your date you’ve got exactly two years and three days before you’ve promised yourself you’ll have a husband. He doesn’t need to feel like he’s being interviewed for a job. You’re there to get to know him. Keep it simple, not serious and if you happen to like him, certainly don’t start talking about future plans just yet. Let him work for you, hunny!

6 Your GPA

If you’re in school, or just graduated, or even if you’re in a current job, don’t flaunt your educational dominance throughout your life. It can imply you are cocky, or trying to compensate for other areas where you don’t measure up. The guy isn’t there to learn your SAT scores, he’s there to meet you as a person. You don’t need a GPA to win him over; you need to be yourself.

7 Your Salary

If you’ve got a sky-high salary, good for you, girl! Way to go in working your way up the career ladder, but certainly don’t relay this to your date. He doesn’t need to know how much money you make. Not only could it give him a shallow reason to date you, but it also implies that you need to brag about money to win someone over. Leave the dollar signs at home and focus more on allowing him to know you as a person.

I may not be a dating expert, but I always stay clear of these 7 topic on any first date I go on. They simply don’t need to be addressed when you first meet someone. Remember, you may not want a second date as much as he does either, so he doesn’t need to know all your personal business upon first meeting. What is a topic you stay away from on first dates?

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