7 Things That Push Guys Away ...


Throughout my admittedly extensive dating history, I've made some big mistakes and done a lot of things that push guys away. At the time I didn't realize it, of course, but looking back, I see that I was definitely keeping my now-exes at a distance by doing little things that are major dating faux-pas. Luckily, I learned from my mistakes and am hoping you might, too! Here are 7 things that push guys away. Some I've done, some I've just seen, but all are bad news for your relationship!

1. Jealousy

This is a big one! Of all the things that push guys away, jealousy might just be the biggest no-no. Hating on his female friends or casting dirty looks in the direction of the hot-but-innocent waitress will make you look totally insecure. Remember, he's with you for a reason, and he's leaving with you on his arm, not her. If you think you have valid reasons for feeling threatened, or if a girl's behaviour towards him (like blatant flirting) is out of line, chill out until you can get him alone, and have a heart-to-heart. Explain your feelings in a calm, rational way and let him know that although you totally trust him, you're feeling a little bit doubtful about a certain girl or situation. But never, ever demand that he stop hanging out with his female friends or show anger or envious behaviour towards another girl. Trash-talking or hating on other chicks is not cool, and guys can't stand it, so just know that you've got this and be your fabulous self.

Calling Him Too Much


I definitely have a jealousy problem. & a lot of times I can't seem to be able to control myself... Now me and my bf are having a lot of problems .!
@Davia, yes. I did the same. always wanted to be with him and forgot to give him space.
too much talking
Amina Abdul
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Beau Jose
Guilty of 4
@Barbie, being a guy and reading your message I can say there is a high chance he wasn't faithful, it will hurt for a while and you might have to kiss a few frogs till you get to your prince but you ...
From a male point of view, number 4 is frustrating. With relationships you need trust and communication if you loose those 2 it's not really worth it. Is it?
Very true
@Stephanie Deline I know this May sound crazy but I really need your help.. What shall I do: I like a boy but he says we won't have an adult relationship coz we live in two different countries . We ...
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