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7 Things That Seem Positive but Are Actually Red Flags ...

By Holly

You shouldn't let your emotions blind you from seeing a man's dangerous behaviors. If you do, you could end up heartbroken or physically hurt. To prevent that, here are a few things that might seem positive, but are actually red flags:

1 He Pushes You to Say “i Love You” Way Too Early

He Pushes You to Say “i Love You” Way Too Early It takes some people years to fall in love, and other people say the L word after only a few months. Of course, if he tells you he loves you on his first date, you should be a bit suspicious. You should be even more suspicious if he pushes you to say it back before you're ready. He should want you to wait until you're comfortable to take such a big step. If he pushes you, or tries to guilt you into saying those three little words, it's a sign he's controlling and manipulative.

2 He Answers All of Your Texts in Two Seconds
It's annoying to wait an hour to hear back from your crush. That's why you'll initially be happy when your new man texts you back two seconds after you text him. It shows you're important to him. Of course, if he's always available at any time, it could be a bad sign. You want him to have a life outside of you, don't you? Otherwise, he might get so attached to you that it'll be unhealthy.


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3 He Bashes His Exes

He Bashes His Exes It's nice to know that your crush can't stand his exes, because it means there's no chance of them getting back together. However, you should be suspicious if he has nothing nice to say about any woman he's liked in the past. He might be twisting his stories and making them out to be the bad guys. If he did it to them, he might do it to you, too.

4 He Agrees with Everything You Say

He Agrees with Everything You Say Even if he's perfect for you, he's not going to agree with every single opinion you have. If you two seem like exactly the same person, then he's just saying what he thinks you want to hear. Be wary of this behavior, because you don't want to date a liar.

5 He's Super Close with His Family

He's Super Close with His Family If he's close with his mother, he probably treats women well, which is a good sign. However, you don't want him to be too close with her. If he still relies on her to cook his meals, do his laundry, and pay his bills, then you might never end up in a serious relationship. He'll want to continue being babied by his mother forever.

6 He's Amazing in the Bedroom

He's Amazing in the Bedroom If he knows exactly what to say and do in the bedroom, you'll be beyond happy--until you realize that he must have learned his skills somewhere. It doesn't matter how many women he's slept with before, as long as he doesn't have any STDs from them. Make sure you ask him to get tested, because you don't want to end up with a disease from some girl he used to hook up with.

7 He Gets Jealous Easily

He Gets Jealous Easily Jealousy proves that he cares about you. However, if he gets jealous whenever you talk to a guy friend or a male cashier, there's a problem. You don't want to date someone who gets mad at you for just living your life.

Keep your eyes open for these sketchy signs, because they're just as dangerous as any other red flag. Have you ever dated a man who displayed any of these behaviors?

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