7 Things That Seem Positive, but Are Actually Red Flags ...

You shouldn't let your emotions blind you from seeing a man's dangerous behaviors. If you do, you could end up heartbroken or physically hurt. To prevent that, here are a few things that might seem positive, but are actually red flags:

1. He Pushes You to Say “i Love You” Way Too Early

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It takes some people years to fall in love, and other people say the L word after only a few months. Of course, if he tells you he loves you on his first date, you should be a bit suspicious. You should be even more suspicious if he pushes you to say it back before you're ready. He should want you to wait until you're comfortable to take such a big step. If he pushes you, or tries to guilt you into saying those three little words, it's a sign he's controlling and manipulative.

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