17 Silly Things Never to do Just Because of a Boy ...

By Lyndsie

If I had a nickel for every time I did something stupid for a boy – or a girl, for that matter – I could stop working right now. When you get all wrapped up in your feelings, you do things you wouldn't normally do. You can be the strongest, most independent woman in the world, but you're probably not immune. You've waited for someone to text you back. You've shed a tear for an ex. You've wondered what's wrong with you. I think we need to stop that nonsense. We need to stop doing these unnecessary things just because of a bunch of trifling boys and silly girls.

Table of contents:

  1. don't cry over that boy
  2. never, ever do harm to yourself
  3. don't cut your hair for someone else
  4. don't drop a single pound for a dude
  5. think twice before you change the way you dress
  6. never compromise your morals
  7. don't pretend to be someone else
  8. stop waiting by the phone
  9. quit obsessing over his texting habits
  10. never dumb yourself down
  11. don't you dare doubt yourself
  12. you don't have to have sex just because he wants you to
  13. never go farther than you want to
  14. don't neglect your friends for anyone
  15. stop thinking you're not enough
  16. don't give up your control
  17. don't forget who you are

1 Don't Cry over That Boy

There is not one single boy out there who is worth your tears. There's not one single girl out there who is worth your tears, either. Never cry because of someone else. You know what the old cliché says, yes? The only person worth crying for is the one who will never make you cry in the first place.

2 Never, Ever do Harm to Yourself

You are amazing. Wonderful. Smart. Kind. Funny. Beautiful. Don't hurt yourself because of someone else. If you're in a dark, painful place and you feel like you're losing control, please reach out. There are so many resources, from the Suicide Prevention Hotline to the Trevor Project, not to mention your friends and your family. Please realize that you are too incredible to let anyone hurt you like this.

3 Don't Cut Your Hair for Someone else

Cut yourself because you want to, not because someone else tells you that you'd look better with short hair, or that your bright pink streaks need to go, or that you need to stop straightening your hair. Screw that.

4 Don't Drop a Single Pound for a Dude

You don't need to lose weight for anyone, man or woman. If you want to lose weight, do it for yourself – just yourself.

5 Think Twice before You Change the Way You Dress

Do you like your personal style? Then why would you ever want to change it?

6 Never Compromise Your Morals

Remember: no one worthwhile will ever ask you to compromise your morals. Your values are part of you. They're important to you. Anyone who asks you to change them or forget about them is kind of a lose.

7 Don't Pretend to Be Someone else

You're so frigging phenomenal just as you are. You don't need to be anyone else. You don't need to be LIKE anyone else.

8 Stop Waiting by the Phone

Think about all the exciting, enriching things you could be doing instead! Go dive headlong into a new adventure instead of waiting for some asshat to call you.

9 Quit Obsessing over His Texting Habits

Ditto. If a person can't be bothered to text you back, whatever. Don't waste your time wondering what he's doing or why she hasn't answered.

10 Never Dumb Yourself down

Your brains are sexy. Your intelligence is alluring. Never dim your shine for someone else. Never. Not even once. If someone makes you feel like you need to, if someone tries to put you down, act pretentious, or talk smack about your smarts, eviscerate them.

11 Don't You Dare Doubt Yourself

You're a superheroine. You're a queen. Don't you dare doubt that.

12 You Don't Have to Have Sex Just Because He Wants You to

Never. You are under no obligation. If you're not comfortable with someone, you do not have to do it. No one should ever pressure you. No one should guilt you or give you ultimatums. You don't owe anyone anything, least of all your body.

13 Never Go Farther than You Want to

In a similar vein, don't feel like you need to do anything you don't want to. Consent is everything. If a guy or a girl wants to break things off with you because you choose not to do something sexual, they're not worth one second of your time.

14 Don't Neglect Your Friends for Anyone

You need this support system. Your friends are there for you whenever you need them. Don't forget that just because someone steps into the picture.

15 Stop Thinking You're Not Enough

You are enough. You're more than enough.

16 Don't Give up Your Control

You have control of your life, your mind, your body, and your choices. No one else has that control so don't give it up.

17 Don't Forget Who You Are

Who are you? You are everything.

Have you ever done something for a girl or a boy that you wish you hadn't?

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