7 Things That Will ✌️ Happen to You after a Breakup 💔💝 ...


There are some positive things that will happen to you after a breakup even though you may not realize it until you are over him.

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck on the wrong guy. He either doesn't like us or he wants something completely different. I've been there and it hurts. If you give in, it becomes this vicious cycle, where you feel like you are temporarily in a relationship, until the pheromones dissipate and he leaves you stranded with no text.

If a guy is upfront about not wanting anything serious, sticking around and waiting along, will not magically change his mind. Quite the contrary.

Wanna know a secret? He already knows that you are smart, that you are great and that you are amazing. But do you know it? You've got nothing to prove. The best thing you can do is leave, why? Why not? Here are 7 things that will happen to you after a breakup and you get over him.

1. You Will Feel Better about Yourself

In the beginning it might hurt. You might wonder if you are making the right choice. What if you stick around just a little longer? What if he changes? One of the best ways to get over a breakup is to focus on how great you feel being away from a man who wasn't good for you. If anything, leaving him will prompt him to make a decision. If he chooses to be with you, let him do so all the way and act on his decisions. You will deal with it when the time comes, if you haven't already moved on by then.

You Will Meet Someone Special


I question number 4. They say singles do not live as long as people who are in a long term relationships or married...
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