How to Cope when Your Partner Has Depression ...

By Suzy

How to Cope when Your Partner Has Depression ...

Wondering how to cope when your partner has depression?
Depression is something that in recent years has had much more awareness, which is great because more help is available. However, this doesn’t change the fact that it’s a very hard illness to have to go through - and not just for the sufferer. When you’re in a relationship with someone who has depression, it can be a really difficult time for you as well. Here's how to cope when your partner has depression.

1 Provide Distractions

With depression it’s not as simple as cheering a person up, but sometimes trying to distract them can help to some degree and lift their mood a little. It’s better to try than let them fall deeper. That's why this tops my list of how to cope when your partner has depression.

2 Accept That You Can’t Always Make It Better

There will be times where a hug simply won’t make it better. Don’t take it as a personal failure – depression is far more complicated than that. All you can do is try your best to help.

3 Have Patience

Patience is so important, as it is with any illness. Sometimes it can feel frustrating and difficult, but you need to remember how hard it is for your partner, and they already feel bad enough so you need to bear with them.

4 Seek Support

Don’t feel like you need to deal with it all on your own. You have family and friends, and if need be, there are professionals available who can help if you find you’re getting out of your depth, which is entirely possible. Don’t feel like it’s a sign of weakness to get support.

5 Be Alert

Depending on the level of depression your partner has, there’s a possible risk that they may be a danger to themselves. It’s important to keep an eye out for signs that things are worsening and if that’s the case, you need to involve professionals straight away.

6 Be There for Them

Sometimes, although you can’t fix the situation, you just need to be there as a supportive partner and show them love and care. Your partner will get through it, so you just need to tackle the hard bits with them until they do.

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