Effective Ways to Pull Yourself out of a Post Breakup Rut for Girls Sick of Wallowing ...


Effective Ways to Pull Yourself out of a Post Breakup Rut for Girls Sick of Wallowing ...
Effective Ways to Pull Yourself out of a Post Breakup Rut for Girls Sick of Wallowing ...

If you're here it's because you are wondering how to pull yourself out of a post breakup rut. It would be fair to say that romance is one of the kindest, yet cruelest experiences we will all go through in life. The highs are the highest you can get, and the lows are certainly the lowest, and when you have just gone through a bad break up, it can sometimes feel like you are never going to feel better again! Even though it doesn’t feel like it right now, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You will naturally start to feel better as time goes on, but if you are desperate to kick start the process, then here are just a few helpful ways to pull yourself out of a post break up rut.

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electronic device, girl, Venting is one of the best ways to pull yourself out of a post breakup rut. It doesn’t do you any good to keep your emotions bottled up inside. It only means that they will explode at some point, probably at the most inappropriate of times. There is no shame in venting your anger and resentment to friends and family and getting out all of the hurt. It’s almost like popping a really bad zit - it might be uncomfortable to deal with, but once you get all of that bad stuff out, you can start to think about moving on and healing!


Big Picture

woman, photograph, dress, girl, fashion, Try to take your mind off of the immediate and look at the bigger picture. With everything that’s gone on, do you really think that you have just lost ‘the one’? The truth is that if he really were the one, then you would still be together! The thought of being single can be hard for some, but take comfort in the fact that there really are plenty more fish in the sea.


Read Great Books

text, book, reading, writing, font, A great way to feed your soul while also distracting your mind and escaping to another place is by picking up a great book or two. There are plenty of lists out there online that give you suggestions about books that can change your life, and what better time than now to try to make a change with powerful and moving literature? Grab a book and a blanket, and disappear for a while.


Make a Plan

photo caption, It can sometimes help to be proactive and not wallow in your post break up state. If you have ended a long-term relationship, then its pretty likely there are going to be details to be worked out and arrangements to be made. Turn your mind from sorrow to practicality by making a strong plan about how you are going to move forward.



joint, shoulder, standing, physical fitness, leg, Working out is probably the last thing you want to do after a breakup, but you shouldn’t underestimate just how much of a positive effect the endorphins can have on your upset state of mind.


Me Time

face, barechestedness, head, bathing, chin, It’s pretty likely that you will have spent a long time thinking about your partner more than yourself, but now that you are out of that situation, its time to turn your focus back on your own well being. Reconnect with yourself with a couple of mini trips and luxury treat days.


No Drunk Dialling

human hair color, blond, girl, mouth, finger, No matter what you do, DO NOT get drunk and get back in touch with your ex! It’s the worst thing you could possibly do because it will only prolong the inevitable, which is that you have to make a clean break from one another to move forward!

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