Things to Consider before You Say 'I Love You' ...


Things to Consider before You Say 'I Love You' ...
Things to Consider before You Say 'I Love You' ...

The next time you tell her you love her, ask yourself if you are ready for the commitment that it comes with. Beyond the kissing, touching, and sex.

Love has its own consequences. Are you ready for that?

Because if you are not, then STOP and consider how you are feeling before you tell her that you love her.

Or asking her if she loves you.

Because when you ask, you shall receive the answer.

Are you prepared for that? The consequences of love and the reality that not everything is hearts and flowers. Not everything will be an easy sail.

Yeah, you WILL f**k up but guess what, so will she.

You are both imperfect but that is what makes you so-called perfect for each other—that she wants you for YOU, regardless of your past or whatever is paralyzing you for the future in the today.

That is just that—live in the today and stop catastrophizing what is bothering you today and giving a false presentation for the future. Both hers and your own.

Before you tell her that you love her, as well as that she would make a great mother and wife one day, ask yourself if you are ready for her to reveal that the feeling is mutual.

So, ask yourself first, before you tell her, ‘I love you,’:

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Am I ‘okay’ with Talking to Other People?


Am I Attracted to Her Just Physically?


Do I Genuinely like Being around Her?


What else do I Love about Her—her Personality, Her Ambition, Her Drive?


If She Were to Get Pregnant, Will I Stand with Her?

Otherwise, you just wasted her time and broke something that could have been good IF you would have said, “we should take it slower.”

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