7 Proven Tips to Help You Find Love ...


7 Proven Tips to Help You Find Love ...
7 Proven Tips to Help You Find Love ...

Have you been in the dating pool for longer now than you expected to be at this point? Does it sometimes feel like looking for love is turning into a bit of a hopeless and thankful task? Hey, don’t worry I know that things can feel pretty bad after a few bad dates in a row, but what you need to remember is that there is definitely someone out there for everyone. Sometimes, all you need to do is take some solid advice and possibly change your approach. Here are seven proven tips to help you find love.

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Start with Hello

I mean this in the sense that you should take things one step at a time. Don’t start crushing on someone and then immediately plan out a future with them because that just leads to high expectations and mischaracterisations. Start with a simple hello and keep an open mind, you never know what might happen.


Put down Your Phone

Step away from the modern methods like Tinder and dating websites and try going back to basics. Technology is designed to keep us addicted, so what you actually come to enjoy is the thrill of swiping, not actually the prospect of starting a relationship with the person behind the screen. If you meet someone at a bar or a social event, that addictive swiping possibility is removed.


No Blame Game

Don’t come up with excuses for your singledom. If you are not happy with your relationship status then you are the only one who can do anything about it. There is always time for a little dating, so I don’t want hear ‘too busy’, ‘no good guys out there’ or ‘everyone I meet is taken’. You make your own success!


Conquer Fear

A lot of people remain single because they have an innate fear of rejection and therefore never put themselves out there. You need to conquer this fear if you ever want to get to the next stage with someone. Don’t worry, real life isn’t like all of those cringey sitcoms and romcoms!


Be Natural

People can be turned if you act too mechanically or desperate in your dating technique. Try not to think about how much you want to find love, and focus instead on taking things one a time in terms of introducing yourself, getting to know someone, and letting the connection develop organically.


Make the First Move

If you sit around waiting for someone else to make the first move all the time, you might just wait forever. It’s 2018 after all, be brave, forget old-fashioned gender roles, and go up to a someone if you like the look of them.


Be Sober

The worst thing to do is get in to the habit of only making moves and taking chances when you are drunk, because if alcohol does one thing, it is cloud your judgement. If you’re looking for a quick fun time, booze can give you courage, but if you’re looking for love, it’s best to do so sober.

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