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How to Feel Confident in Your Relationship ...

By Miki

Sometimes in our relationship, we feel less confident. Maybe it was something he said or did that made you suddenly question your self-esteem or value. This is completely normal. What is not normal is if you let it eat away at you inside.

I've been there with my previous relationships, where I am always the one who compromises, who always understands, and keeps things bottled up inside because I felt like I was the "lesser" one. This gets really toxic and instead of being in love, you are in fear.

1 Whenever You Feel like You Are Being Condescended, Re-evaluate Your Relationship, Not Yourself

2 When This Happens, Recognize if Your Guy Does It on Purpose, or if It is Just a One-time Thing and He Mistakenly Poked Your Insecurity. Chances Are, Your Guy Doesn't Even Know What Your Insecurities Are


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3 Reassure Yourself That You Don't Need Others to Evaluate You. You Know Your Value, and That's the Most Important Thing

4 Even when You Have Insecurities, Try to Think as if It is Not Your Insecurity at All. for Example, I Feel Insecure with My Skin, Because Recently I Have Been Having so Many Breakouts. and when I See People with Clear Skin, I Start to Feel Less about Myself. but I Have Been Practicing the Art of Thinking That This Will Get Better and That I Am Actually a Pretty Person inside and out so It Doesn't Matter What These Temporary Breakouts Make Me Feel

5 Lastly, do Not Forget That Only You Can Love Yourself the MOST. so Don't Depend on Others to Criticize or Compliment You. You Can do That for Yourself! and Best Part is, You Can Fix What You Criticize ❤️

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