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7 Things to do after a Fight ...

By Heather

Relationship fights are some of the worst, but what are some of the things to do after a fight that will make you both feel closer to one another and could just prevent future fights from happening? The things to do after a fight are almost as important as the fights, as you need time to cool off, time to really develop with each other. For me, the 'after the fight' part is the best. I feel closer to Lyndsie and we really have a better connection because I know we are working out our problems.

1 Hug Each Other

By far, one of the greatest things to do after a fight is to hug each other. It'll instantly make you feel closer and it actually can end a fight. One tip though, don't hug your girlfriend or boyfriend before they are ready to be hugged. It won't make the fight end and it can make things worse. One of the questions that I always ask after a fight is if we can hug it out. It breaks the tension!

2 Makeup Sex

No fight would be complete without makeup sex afterward! This type of sex is some of the greatest sex out there and it's because you are getting all of your frustration out on each other. You are taking all of the anger and stress that you had pent up and that caused the fight and instead, are channeling it through sex. It's awesome!

3 Remember the Fight for the Future

One tip that I have is to remember the fight. If you are constantly having the same issue in your relationship, remembering a fight that constantly comes up and what the cause of it was – or at least how you reacted to it and how your partner reacted to it can mean all of the world and can actually change the fight for next time.

4 Cuddle

Cuddling after a fight is honestly one of the things that I crave doing. It's all about rebuilding that connection and really exploring one another after a fight. No matter how bad the fight is, my partner and I always cuddle afterward, because we do love each other and touching can soothe hurt feelings.

5 Discuss What Happened

Ah, this is a huge lesson that I had to realize after a fight. When the fight was over, I never, ever wanted to discuss anything and I wanted to pretend it didn't happen. That isn't the right way to do anything! You've got to discuss the fight, so that way you don't repeat it!

6 Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal of all of the discussions and fights that you have can prevent a lot of confusion and even memory lapses in the future! After all, you don't want to keep repeating the same fight over and over again, right? Just write down your thoughts and how you fixed the fight!

7 Enjoy Each Other

Finally, after a fight, you just want to enjoy one another, that way you can really remember why you are in a relationship in the first place. I love this part of the 'after a fight.' It makes me remember exactly why I am in a relationship.

While fighting is never fun in a relationship, it is something that is necessary. Now that you know some of the things to do after a fight, why not do them? Fighting is healthy, but what you do after a fight is definitely worth thinking about!

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