5 Things to do before a First Date ...


5 Things to do before a First Date ...
5 Things to do before a First Date ...

I don't care who you are - we all get butterflies in our stomach before a first date. Here are the top 5 things you can do before a first date in order to get into a comfortable state of mind:

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Pick a Spot That You're Familiar with

person, The more surprises and unexpected situations, the more stressed you will be. It's important that you pick a venue that you've been to so you can take away a few elements of surprise, because let's be real - first dates are full of surprises.


Take a Shower

hair, muscle, leg, mouth, arm, I hope this one isn't news to anyone. Take a damn shower before you go on your date, because you never know - you might get lucky and your partner might be into some freaky shit that calls for a prior shower.


Scrape Your Tongue

hair, person, finger, mouth, blond, Simple, but wildly forgotten. The core of bad breath stems from the tongue. All that nasty bacteria sits on your tongue and builds up into a nasty beast. Why not use a simple tongue scraper to scrape that nastiness away. You will instantly feel more confident | check out Dollar Fresh Squad for the best and most affordable tongue scraper.


Listen to Some Pump up Music

pink, music, disco, finger, anime, Michael Phelps does it before a race, so why wouldn't you do it before a date. It's important to get your blood flowing and get into the proper mind set to win. Nothing helps in that category like some good old fashion pump up music.


Take a Deep Breath

hair, face, person, hairstyle, head, Be sure to arrive 10 minutes early so you can scope out the scene. Then when you see your date coming take an inconspicuous deep breath and you should be ready to go.

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