9 Ways to Get a Man to Notice You for Girls Who Feel Lost in the Crowd ...


9 Ways to Get a Man to Notice You for Girls Who Feel Lost in the Crowd ...
9 Ways to Get a Man to Notice You for Girls Who Feel Lost in the Crowd ...

Are you looking for ways to get a man to notice you? They say the way to man's heart is through his stomach. This old wives tale may be true. However, the following ways to get a man to notice you may be just as good, especially if you cannot cook!

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Talk to Him

human hair color, girl, beauty, lady, emotion, Talking to him is the best way to find out if he is a gentleman, not just another pretty face. He might be arrogant and not up to your standards. Talking is one of the best ways to get a man to notice you.


Dress the Way He Will Perceive You as, Especially if You Want to Make a Good a First Impression

dress, gown, performance, lady, beauty, You are the same person inside and out. However, men cannot see that inside at first. Do you want him to think you are just another girl in the crowd? Look in the mirror and feel good!


Wear a Memorable Scent That He Will Associate with You

finger, nail, hand, For example, "Far Away" by Avon. Linger in his mind.


Lead a Confident, Passionate, Original and Exciting Life

hair, blond, human hair color, lady, girl, Men find all of these qualities appealing.


Look up Jokes and Share Them with Him

hairstyle, girl, long hair, black hair, interaction, This may sound tacky or corny, but men like a sense of humor. Laughing is attractive.


Appear Busy

photograph, black, black and white, monochrome photography, photography, If he finds you too easy, he will lose interest. Then, out of the blue, surprise him! For example, give him a cup of coffee. An innocent flirtation!


Let Him See What Makes You so Special, Just Not Excessively

people, white, photograph, black, clothing, Open up and talk about what you love to do. He'll love you too!


Be Coy

interaction, girl, conversation, Say that you want to go out over the weekend, but do not know what you want to do. This could be a real ice breaker or a real conversation starter for common likenesses or activities.


Go out into the Community

interaction, girl, darkness, conversation, It is said to look at the grocery store, the post office, the library, etc. It just may be true.

After all of this, if nothing works, don't lose hope! Buy the book "He's Just Not That Into You" or rent the movie of said book. Afterward, you won't feel so hopeless and will know that there IS hope!

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