5 Tips for Texting Your Crush for Girls Who Need Help ...


5 Tips for Texting Your Crush for Girls Who Need Help ...
5 Tips for Texting Your Crush for Girls Who Need Help ...

So he’s that new guy that you’re falling in love wtih, ha? Now you're looking for some tips for texting your crush. Don’t be embarrassed, I know how it feels. It's hard to convey the right emotions in a text and you want to impress this guy. There are some do's and don'ts when it comes to sending your love interest a message. Use these handy tips for texting your crush and you'll be his one and only in no time at all.

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Don’t over-text

One of the best tips for texting your crush is to avoid overdoing it. Texting is a golden invitation to get to know more about your crush. However, obsessive texting is a big red flag. You’ll either annoy him or he’ll think that you have nothing to do but text him. Instead, focus on your job, do your homework and practice a hobby.


Initiate an Interesting Topic

You shouldn’t be the only one initiating a conversation, it should be done equally. However, the next time you start a conversation, make sure to involve his hobbies and personality so that he’ll be open to telling you more.


Avoid Excessive Emojis

Don’t send too many emojis. You won’t be taken seriously and it’s not a good way to be clear and understandable. Besides, it’s not funny but annoying.


Don’t Use That Many Exclamation Marks!!!!!

Is what you’re saying worth the several exclamation marks? Just ask yourself those simple questions and act normal. Don't get too crazy. Guys don't like that.


Have Fun

Don’t forget the joy! Send a picture and some jokes. This will help you both laugh and have fun. By the way, avoid ending your text with a “hahaha." This is not good conversation.

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