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Fab Tips to Stay Safe when Online Dating ...

By Cathy

Struggling to meet singles? Growing tired of the same old personalities you meet at the bar? If you're going to create an online profile, then it makes sense to know some tips for staying safe when online dating.

You’re not alone though! Many women are turning to online dating to keep their love lives rich and full.

But connecting with strangers is fraught with possibilities and not all of them are good. So, here are some tips for staying safe when online dating that should make it a great experience for you.

1 Do Your Homework

These days, almost everyone has numerous social media accounts, especially people who are comfortable enough to date online. So it’s a huge red flag to find someone on an online dating site who does not have much of an online presence. Don’t feel like you are overstepping your bounds by doing a background check, or use a site like TinEye to check their profile picture to see if it's linked to someone else.

For your own safety and peace of mind, you need to know that you’re talking to a genuine person, not a predator. Stalk their Facebook page too. When did they join? If they joined Facebook a month ago, it’s a sign of a fake account. Doing your homework is one of the best tips for staying safe when online dating.

2 Meet during the Day

Arrange to meet during the day instead of at night. The daylight hours ensure plenty of visibility for you and your date, and if the date goes poorly, you have plenty of legitimate reasons to cut it short reasons to cut it short. Maybe you have to go to work, you need to pick your dog up from daycare, you’re helping a friend move her grandmother into a nursing home, etc. Both of you are also more likely to stay sober during the day and to make decisions you won’t regret.

3 Tell Someone Where You’re Going and Who You’ll Be with

Never go out on a date on a whim. Pause long enough to tell a few people where you’re going and who you’ll be with. Give them all the information you have about your new date and ask them to check in on you at a certain time with a simple text or phone call.

4 Make It Really Easy to Cut Contact

Keep the first few meetings rather formal. Don’t make any promises about being his new girlfriend. At this point, you’re just figuring out if you want to spend more time with this person or whether you want to move on. To make it really easy to cut ties, don’t share too much personal information right away.

It’s okay to share your phone number because blocking a specific caller is easy these days, and texting is a normal way to get to know someone. But avoid sharing your address. Some people may think it’s okay to drop by unannounced, whereas you might think it’s downright creepy. Don’t share your address until you’re absolutely sure you wouldn’t mind having your date come to your house.

What’s been your experience with online dating? How do you stay safe? Share your comments!

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